Trump to address opioid crisis

According to the Wall Street Journal Donald Trump plans to combat the US opioid crisis. 

It was only the other day that Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, mentioned that the opioid crisis was undermining the US labor market. 

How funny that a hundred years after the British imposed the opium war on China that the latest round of opioids are undermining the United States while China is still growing.

Writing the Wrong’un

Just as Ian Fraser says that his book Shredded about the Royal Bank of Scotland is not just about RBS but really a prism through which to interpret lapses in UK financial regulation, nor is Donald Trump’s presidency really just about Trump the man or even the office he finds himself in but how a taboo-ridden self-censoring litigous society responds to rising inequality,  increasingly obvious and endemic collusive corruption and the most obnoxious merger of government and corporate interests in living memory. Most establishment figures are so compromised that they cannot say or do anything about this. We most certainly do live in the age of the compromise. 

As George Clinton of Funkadelic might have said, Free yourself from the shackles of integrity and the rest will surely follow. Feel free from the need to be free.


When will London’s Social Cleansing reach Peak Cleanse?

  Plaque to honor the original Alms Houses on which the Hermitage Street development is built

I wonder if the new development on Hermitage Street in Paddington, Westminster, where this picture was taken has any affordable or social housing. 

And has the ongoing social cleansing of London reached Peak-Cleanse? 

The Dutch had a policy in Indonesia called Transmigrasi in which they sent the Javanese all over the country in an attempt to rebalance the population. 

The link between people and place is sensitive. 

Conservative Party grandee Norman Tebbit famously urged Brits to leave parts of  the U.K. that were in economic decline by telling them to get on their bikes.

At the same time he said that the test of how British you are is which cricket team you support – your adopted country or the colony from whence you hail.

I looked around the back of this building for poor doors and can’t say I found any. 

But I don’t actually know what they would look like.

 I’m guessing they will be avoiding the flashing Apartheid sign above the door.

The plaque itself stands for something entirely different. So how much joined up thinking on this has gone on here?

Many organizations policies are entirely at odds with each other. Why shouldn’t this also be the case here. Strip away the veneer and all is revealed.

As Westminster Council have repeatedly been quite happy to geographically displace its residents I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if poor doors are alive and kicking somewhere in the borough.

The recently appointed chair of the Grenfell Inquiry ruled in favour of Westminster deporting/displacing a resident to Milton Keynes. She was of African origin so in this case the social cleansing would have had an ethnic dimension. 

The case was overturned at the Supreme Court but it’s hard to say it doesn’t give an idea of how the judge’s mind operates. 
Cressida Dick, head of the Met and a reputed to be a Common Purpose graduate, had been made the country’s top policewoman despite presiding over the ‘bungled’ killing of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.

Some lawyers in Twitter have been saying that it is unfair to read anything into the displacement case. 

But they would wouldn’t they? 

Typical for lawyers to defend their own. I wonder what they say about the obvious whitewash when behind closed doors.

Gove claims to embrace Anti-Austerity Politics & “Green Brexit” in Desperate Bid to Charm Voters

Michael Gove,  Minister for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, twice referred to a five year parliament as he started to backtrack on the Government’s austerity programme during this morning’s Andrew Marr politics show.

At no point did Andrew Marr pull the Gove up on his error. 

This could have just been a double oversight on both of their parts – not that unlikely given the sheer incompetence emanating from the Tory party and the BBC right now. 

But it could all just be more intrigue and subterfuge from a politician who, by U.K. standards is a well accepted as being as dishonest, self-serving and Machiavellian as they come. 

Few politicians enjoy the degree of political protection that has been afforded to Michael Gove. The risk free environment in which he operates has convinced him – quite fairly – that he can actually do no wrong. 

The man is a close friend of Rupert Murdoch’s and just as his fellow Brexiteer Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel writes for the Mail on Sunday, Gove’s own wife Sarah Vine is a columnist for The Daily Mail. 

Gove himself returned to the Murdoch Times during his recent sabbatical when he managed to deliver the ‘Exclusive’ interview of Donald Trump from Trump’s palace in New York with his own boss and fixer Rupert Murdoch in attendance. 

With Gove’s ex-Cabinet colleague former Chancellor George Osborne already editing London’s only high circulation freesheet, you’d be forgiven for contemplating whether the sudden acceleration of the pace of the revolving door be a signal of what anti-corruption expert David Whyte calls a “high degree of tolerance of collusive corruption in this country.” 

Any  honest journalist, unlike Marr, would have flagged as, in and of itself, the massive risk to UK Public Health that Gove really represents. 

Some other interesting things about his interview. 

Gove used the term 5 year parliament twice but was never picked up on this. 

Gove’s appearance is supposed to reflect Tory backtracking on Austerity. 

Damian Green implied there will be a U-Turn on University fees.

But Gove defended fees by saying it isn’t fair that those who don’t g to uni fund those who do. He didn’t go so far as to say that those who have been funding people to go universities deserve a rebate so it is a wonder whether he means anything he says.  

 The 1% public sector pay cap may go. There was the £1bn to Northern Ireland. Abortions. Same Sex marriage. 

Gove was asked how he fel, as an individual, about austerity, to which he replied that he is not an individual – that he is a member of the government. He also told Marr that that Marr himself said that he has had to learn to keep his own views to himself. So here we had two men – both public figures – admitting to have no personal investment in their own words. 

This reminded me of the scene at the beginning of Michael Lewis Liars Poker in which he said that banking was really all about people who didn’t know what they were buying buying from people who didn’t know what they were selling. 

Brexit & Project Fear daren’t mention TTIP

lind dec 2015

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson say we should get out of the EU and sign our own trade deals with USA, India & China.

That Brussels shouldn’t negotiate anything on our behalf.

But despite all this talking about trade they never use the terms TTIP, CETA or TiSA.

Even David Cameron — the biggest defender of EU trade agreements — wouldn’t be seen dead promoting TTIP, CETA or TiSA by name.

In this 10 minute interview Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP demystifies:

– The nature of 21st century trade agreements

– The distinction between goods and services

– How everything (including water and health) is a service

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Thanks to Peter Marshall for the photography.