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ELECTION POLLS: when the denialism had to stop @Wiki_Ballot Introduction to the 4 Pamphleteers by Roger Lewis ( Porthos) @GrubStreetJorno @Survation @wiki_ballot @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV @JoeBlob20 #IABATO #TheSlog #GrubStreetJournal
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Saudi Twitter Spying, George Osborne & Amol Rajan

Everybody Loves Jack

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey got to play good cop last week, publicly shunning paid political ads just as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg promoted them.

Don’t Be Evil

Sandberg said paid political ads are worth only one percent of their revenue so not normally worth the hassle, but they’re sticking with it because Mark believes in free expression.

Twitter: Game of Phones

Surveillance State

Why would Twitter need to take paid political ads if its USP is real time dissidence surveillance?

Its the short term attention market. Futures in info. The less friction the better.

All about volatility.

And Jack ain’t no Punter. He’s the House.

we know far more than what we know we know, and far less than what we don’t know we don’t know

Dorsey greets MBS in Silicon Valley

This story has been doing the rounds. I believe one of the Twitter staff arrested by the FBI is a US citizen and the other two are Saudis.


Interesting how the FBI are upset with the Saudis for using a US firm to spy on Saudi dissidents.

Of course in the UK we had a Saudi / Scottish Tory / DUP connection making significant contributions to the Brexit ad campaigns.

And Evening Standard and Independent owning Russian Oligarchs Alexander and Evgeny Lebedev sold 30% of their company Lebedev Holdings to the Saudis in 2017.

This was “investigated” under a public interest intervention by the then Media Secretary Jeremy Wright and by Ofcom, the media regulator, which is still run by Sharon White who has attended Bilderberg meetings with Evening Standard Editor, George Osborne.

Osborne was often in agreement with White’s husband Robert Chote who ran the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) which George Osborne created to supposedly police his budgets when he was Chancellor but then became known as the Treasury’s poodle.

Surpise surprise OFCOM found the Lebedevs innocent of allowing foreign influence. Even though it is plain to see. The reason given was that the government were too slow to act.

Getting away with it

Tory TV

This was Amol Rajan with the Osborne “Exclusive”

Rajan had been an adviser to Lebedev for years.

He backed the Tories in the 2015 election

Here he is talking up Osborne’s appointment as Evening Standard editor to to former Murdoch Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil

This story isn’t going to be going away. All eyes on Amol Rajan.

Saudi Twitter Spy Ahmad AbouAmmo on Middle East Broadcasting Network in 2012


Death of Local Journalism, (a)Moral Money, & Systemic Institutional Abuse

Commercial Councils

Businesses want to make money. I get that. They have a duty to their shareholders. To maximise shareholder returns. It’s part of company law.

When Sir Christopher Chope (he of upskirting fame) became the leader of Wandsworth, one of London’s Flagship Tory Councils, in the late seventies, he outsourced the collecting of the rubbish.

Not long after, he sold off council-owned properties to developers and to residents.

Young people in Wandsworth’s children’s homes were moved out to Kent and elsewhere.

Some were drugged and raped, and used as guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Much of this was reported on in the papers, tv and even spoken about in Parliament.

But it carried on.

The Purse

Capita, meanwhile, were formed and grew into a global government outsourcing firm. G4S, SERCO & Atos have also got into the government contract business.

These are all private, publicly quoted, companies.

With shareholders and a duty to maximise profit and returns.

That is their stated duty.

So while certain journalists, particularly one at the FT, start talking about purpose as opposed to profit, one has to ask if they’ve gone native, or whether they mean what they are saying.

The Moral Bank Account

The FT’s Gillian Tett, for whom I have always had time, has started a new section of the FT called Moral Money.

Though I haven’t delved deep into it, on first glance, the people operating in it were unregulated asset-stripping, venture capitalist, private equity, buy-out people who were essentially hedge fund, vulture fund, disaster capitalists styling themselves as people who suddenly cared.

The whole thing seem to be a marketing scam for that other new buzzword “impact investing”.

I couldn’t believe Ms Tett was lending them her time, platform, trust and all round credibility.

But I refrained from emailing her.


Here it is:

For Firefox users, click here: to bypass paywalls

a(M)oral Money

Money is fungible >>> My money is as good as yours!

But the FT are suddenly talking up ESG

Times must be tough. Did Gillian Tett and Editor Lionel Barber convince their bosses at Nikkei that this would fly?

A nice Green market to tap into?

Green Bonds. To save the rainforest. Seeing as the other bonds are making their money from deforestation. A contrarian play.

Frontier investing.

The Hedge Fund money at Extinction Rebellion doesn’t just pay attention.

The pump and dump school of ecological & political marketing.

From Clickbait to Jailbait

Starring Gail Bradbrook, Carrie Symonds, and co-starring Roger Hallam & Boris Johnson.

Increasingly hard to tell them apart.

Except the types of activist Boris usually hangs around with are of the Oligarch variety, Crispin Odey, Evgeny Lebedev, even Mandelson, Blair and Osborne have far more in common with Johnson — hang on a second..

Equal Ops depopulation to facilitate austerity on steroids and no-one will clock?

Psychologically Eugenicising the youth by conditioning them to perpetuate cycles of conflict over ever diminishing availability of opportunity.

And let the few bits of political attention they have left be distracted by no-platforming and non-binary micro-aggressions.

This is what FT, EU, BBC, the Tory Party, Lib Dems, Greens, Extinction Rebellion and significant Labour Party operatives still offer.

And where does it go?

Given the revolution in Local Government started by Sir Christopher Chope and pushed through in Bradford and from Central Government by his Financial Terrorist chums Eric Pickles, George Osborne, & Sajid Javid, one might have thought there would have been a plethora of stories coming out from all over the UK on this stuff.

But there hasn’t.

The death of local journalism and the rise of property-obsessed Commercial Council PR operations means you are now more likely to get a report on the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza than see anything on the various forms of torture and abuse that the London Borough of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea systematically inflict on all too many of their residents on a daily basis right here in London.

It’s the psychopathic business model.

No Guilt, No Shame. No Self-Respect. No respect for others’ dignity.

Just business. Pound signs. The bottom line.

If you involve agency staff to run essential services then their mentality will take over. Which is one of economic survival and not public service.

Yes that’s right, we’re talking Systemic Institutional Safeguarding Abuse.

I’ve started asking some questions – and the picture I am receiving is not good.

More in depth analysis to come.

These scribblings were sparked by my reaction to the following piece by Jim Waterson. I suspect I disagree with Mr Waterson’s politics but he’s been very helpful when I’ve interacted with him, does great reports (for the Guardian) and is good on TV.

There is such a thing in the UK as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, who do do some great work. But the money behind them is not Moral Money and the staff are mainly made up of pre-institutionalised journalists who have been recruited from the mainstream media. They’re prone to stealing ideas, recruit in their own mould and lack diversity to such an extent as would make even Steve Bannon cringe.

Gary Webb

After Gary Webb uncovered the Iran Contra scandal in which the CIA were dealing crack in LA. He got back on with what he knew best — Local Journalism.

Check how Reuters reported his death in the New York Times:

There is no mention of Webb’s work on the no-bid Oracle contract with the state of California.

I found this piece which cites Webb’s influence on Hip Hop culture.

He told us when you know something bad is happening it probably is, and both you and the government are somehow involved.

They say it was suicide and they also say it was two bullets to the head.

What’s with the Second Bullet?

A message to us all.


Tories looking for more XR votes as they ban fracking

Boris Johnson’s trying to get a green makeover — an election is coming.

We’re told fracking’s banned.

But this was the case in August:

Only two weeks ago the Government told the Mayor of London to drop his anti-fracking policy:

Here’s the bit where the government suggest Mr Khan drop his anti-fracking policy.

Taken from page 108 of the following:


Don’t you just love the way they say Khan should drop the objection to be consistent with Government policy?

This happened three weeks ago:


Gagging For It -> NDAs & the Engineering of Consent

The Smell of Non-Disclosure in the Morning

You may have noticed the rise of Corporate NDA culture, mainly comprising of gagging orders, confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses, injunctions and even superinjunctions.

This matters. Especially in a so-called free society.

Trade Secrets

If you see something at work that your company relies on to make its money, this could be defined as a trade secret.

That is what Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are supposed to be for.

If you sign one, you can’t talk about what you know.

E.g. the formula for Coca Cola or a design for a building or a new piece of technology.

There are supposed to be exceptions – if something criminal is going on, then technically you can break the NDA.

But in reality, few people do.

For fear of reprisals.

Having to pay back the money.

Being made homeless or losing one’s family.

Corporate Criminality is very hard to prove and few whistleblowers tend to know their rights, so large scale corporate criminality often goes unchecked.

Top Spin

In the following case a tumble dryer manufacturer is gagging its own customers to prevent them from telling the world the manufacturer sold them tumble dryers that catch fire.

In America victims of fracking have complained that flammable gas comes through their taps due to changes in the water table.

Many were gagged.

But these aren’t trade secrets. This is inconvenient truth.

For large corporates, it’s reputational risk.

The risk that fewer people will do business with you because you’ve taken short cuts on health and safety.

They’re effectively defrauding investors, consumers, the general public, the press, regulators, the government, and other people and entities with whom they do business.

News is what a chap who doesn’t care much about anything wants to read. And it’s only news until he’s read it. After that it’s dead.

Evelyn Waugh

News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.”

Randolph Hearst

I Never Argue with a Man Who Buys Ink by the Barrel


In the banking industry, victims of bank fraud are frequently gagged by the bank after having been defrauded.

They typically accept such conditions to be allowed to access a sum equal to just a small fraction of the amount of money that the bank will have stolen.

(I’m not using any names here so I think I am on safe ground!)

Here is the Mail piece on Tumble Dryer NDAs.

Note the use of “Stay silent or” in the box on the right.

Engineering of Consent

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein famously gagged many of his victims and his own secretary (using London-based law firms) to protect his reputation.

Was the delivery of sexual assault, in pure business terms, an essential part of the business model?

How else could you justify covering up rape as a trade secret?

If a film producer’s reputation is treated as non-tangible “Good Will”, “Intellectual Property” or even a “tradeable asset” then it follows that an organisation will want to leverage its assets and trade on its perceived value.

I am not saying that NDAs for sexual violence are morally acceptable, but under the guilt-free, shame-free, profit-maximising psychopathic conventions that govern corporations, such behaviour makes perfect sense.

By protecting the “Brand” you protect the shareholders, which you are legally obliged to..

So in the case of Weinstein hiring ex-Israeli Military intelligence investigators Black Cube to go after rape victims, this would have just been his company checking up on a few routine compliance matters.

It’s where the free market logic takes us.

Using the idea of information as a tangible, legal, biological unit that can be deployed to one’s favour or detriment, the metaphor takes on a new potency.

Kelly Bachman called out Harvey Weinstein

Here is the original Edward Bernays article entitled Engineering of Consent:


Now that elections have been announced in the UK, we can expect a lot more skewed reporting with a sprinkling of strategic silence.


New Report from the Public Appointments Commissioner


Revolving Door

This appears to be meta-corruption fest.

I recommend pages 22-27 and the final few pages.

No names mentioned and only cursory references to breaches.

With an election coming up, little of what David Whyte said in this interview has stopped being relevant:


Ali Parsa, NHS Privatiser & Babylon Health CEO, attends Butchers without Borders

What motivates UK-based “healthcare entrepreneur”, ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker, Ali Parsa to attend the Butchers without Borders investment conference in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Sovereign Wealth fund, bought a stake in Babylon Health in August.

Yes, that’s right, Saudi Arabia are making money from the NHS, and no-one is saying a bad word about it.

Britain is truly open to all types of masochistic business.

The Neo-Liberal Guardian

Maybe Guardian news hound Rupert Neate is busy writing a book about the health benefits of wealth.

The Axios article referenced at the end of his piece was published last week and cited here:

Since then the event itself has started and a full line-up has been published.

For some reason the Guardian hasn’t mentioned that Babylon Health CEO Ali Parsa was at the conference yesterday:

In Brief

Babylon Health is defunding GPs practices, cherry picking younger patients, handing over confidential medical data to Google Health, operating with an inevitable significant error rate (machine learning isn’t perfect), taking Saudi Money, Google money, US health insurance (Centene) money, Swedish venture capitalist money which specialised in 1990’s Russian disaster capitalism (New Vostok Ventures), doing deals with surveillance capitalists Tencent in repressive China, and in Rwanda thanks to Tony Blair and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr Murphy

I can see why Ali Parsa is doing what he’s doing – for the money.

For more on NHS Privatisation the upcoming film, Great NHS Heist, is the one to watch:

Here is some good deprogramming re: Babyon BBC PR Shenanigans

The Circle Debacle

This is an Ali Parsa appearance in 2012 during his previous failed venture, with a Hospital:


The Big Society

Here is Ali Parsa on Health Care and the BIG SOCIETY:

National Radio

Here is Ali Parsa on BBC Today Programme, he isn’t introduced as having failed in his Circle venture, he is able to use his buzzwords.

When he makes claims none of them are questioned:


The UK information commissioner is woefully underfunded for protecting patients from data fraud, as is the case with fake news during elections.

This took place yesterday. Can you feel the tech firms and investment banks circling the UK as we speak?

More puff from Ali, this time at KPMG.

KPMG, the Big Four, and PFI

KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, Accenture are management accounting firms that are also known as the Big Four.

They offer more than just accounting services and, although they are referred to as mere Bean Counters, their work is often laden with conflicts of interest.

KPMG, over the years have been a big funder of the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) a New Labour-style Think Tank.

IPPR backed the part-privatisation of many of Britain’s hospitals in the 1990s and early 2000s. But the conflicts of interest in their promotion are now much clearer than they were then. The so-called left wing think tanks were funded by large private companies to push their privatising agenda.

Martin Taylor, former general secretary to the secretive Bilderberg Group, donates big. He was also a top Goldman Sachs, Barclays and WH Smith executive and is understood to have been a lead driver of PFI in this country.

IPPR has had a bit of a makeover in the last couple of years, since the 2017 election. Grace Blakeley, one of their economists, is on the TV a lot and Tom Kibasi, the soon to depart CEO, has become very close to the top of the Labour Party. But although Blakeley has written a book about Financialisation, I understand that she rarely takes on her former employers – like KPMG.

On the subject of PFI, IPPR now say that it was a disaster — conveniently forgetting their own role promoting it.

They say that the Government should bail out the hospitals by buying the debt and issuing (cheaper) government bonds to pay it off.

It goes without saying that the hospitals should have been funded using general taxation in the first place.

Apparently EU accounting rules forbade UK from running the type of deficits that such programmes would have required.

But the actual solution, going after the fraudsters that pushed PFI in the first place, doesn’t seem to get mentioned even in the Labour Party.

Why do you think that is? Maybe because IPPR have infiltrated Labour Party thinking and are doing the bidding of their friends, (some of) the fraudsters over at the City of London.

More on the NHS Privatisation from Dr Bob Gill, GP and producer of the Great NHS Heist.


This film was made in 2014


If we don’t have a proper media, the only way any good decision making will happen for this country is if we take back control of internal communication.

Lobbyists, Public Affairs and Public Relations execs will always be paid to serve the rich. But they need to be called out more frequently, if not they will carry on winning the war. The stakes are high. Please share this information, if you can.

Media News

Working for The Man

A Cup of Ambition

I’m all for solidarity. And if inter-sectionality delivers a more caring society, then great.

But the neo-liberal PR-obsessed NGO-complex MSM takeover reminds of me of something I once heard at school:


Nine to Five

The Girls that he likes are Underage

This photo of the Donald was brought to my attention by Bleg author Kikanju Baku

He’s been onto all things President Trump & Roy Cohn for a while.

These girls ain’t Donald’s daughters.

Samir Ahmed & BBC Culture War

Samira Ahmed has been on broadcast TV and Radio for many years now.

The BBC’s lack of transparency re: decision making has long been a threat not just to this country’s security but to others’ as well

The constant authoritarian asymmetric information warfare on the people eventually takes its toll.

Shame the BBC is such a fascist organisation.

On the bright side, the BBC’s output helps identify the latest asset-stripping fascist corporatist genocidal strategies employed by faceless global government and its multi-headed parasites.


BREAKING: Blood-soaked Babylon Health CEO taints NHS by attending Davos in the Desert

Blood, Tech, & Smears

On Tuesday 29th October 2019, Ali Parsa, CEO of Babylon Health, the firm that competes with the NHS for GP business, will be speaking at “What’s next for Life and Health?” , a plenary at Future Investment Initiative, also known as the Davos in the Desert, hosted by the Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia.

The Chairman of the PIF is Mohammad Bin Salman the controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who ruthlessly tortured and asset stripped many of his cousins in November 2017 in a move that was compared to the way Putin often chases Russian oligarchs, before ordering the extraterritorial killing of US-based Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi.

White House Chief of Staff Jared Kushner will attend.

Homosexuality is banned in Saudi Arabia and there are many rules that prevent even a semblance of equality for women.

Hypocrisy is order of the day as liberal Kushner’s father Charlie, though feigning to be a devout practiser of the Jewish faith, also happens to be a practising homosexual.

Ali Parsadoust of Babylon Health is marked as representing the United States!

PIF own stakes in Babylon Health, which is currently undermining the NHS, expanding massively in Britain, and has been praised to the heavens by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism recently identified that PM Boris Johnson’s Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings has been paid for consultancy work for Babylon.

Here is the full programme:


Babylon were the subject of a London Conversation blog earlier today:

For more on Babylon, London Conversation published this blog post two days ago, the Babylon part is toward the end:

Other conference attendees include Jared Kushner, former UK PM David Cameron, Bilderberg man Martin Sorrell, Trade Minister Graham Stuart, Manchester United Managing Director Richard Arnold, Head of HSBC sustainable finance Zoe Knight, PWC’s Health Partner Hamish Clark, London Stock Exchange’s David Schwimmer, Indian PM Narendra Modi, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and more.

In December the World Heavyweight Championship Boxing champion will be decided in Saudi.


Post-Brexit Dirt Money Playground starring Evgeny Lebedev, NHS, & Babylon Health

British Broadcasting Corporation

I’m British, so I simply don’t believe a word the BBC says.

Deflection Inflection

It’s all spin — every word, every image, the disempowering tone & natural submission to authority that automatically flows from the presenters’ subjugated speech patterns.

Subjugated by their salaries. The Principle Agent Problem. Conflicts of interest. They’re maximising what is good for themselves, at no small cost to the country.

Lying on the Couch

Run an emotional audit on the facial expressions and tone of voice on the BBC Breakfast couch.

Look out for what’s not said.

The Unknowers

They have mood managers instructing them through their ear pieces. Who are they? What is their agenda? It’s all secret. Hotly guarded stuff. Strategic Ignorance.

So who are the knowers and who are the unknowners?

We can’t say exactly but we live inside their work. They call real journalists “The reality-based community” They engineer our perceptions of reality. This used to be called Public Opinion. It is also referred to as Agenda Setting. The Former Soviets have a natural advantage in this field as they researched it and applied the principles during the seventy year duration of the USSR.

BBC Presenters

They’re spreading negative knowledge units. Spreading amnesia. Unknowledge. Spin. False news. Distortion. Distraction.

But they do it in the trusting tone. They’re salespeople. Selling Corporatism. Human rights violations. Fake empathy. Corruption. Fascism. Everyday fascism.

Patronage. Oligarchy. Finance “Capitalism”.

Pretending to adhere to a set of principles. But permanently happy to go outside every code in order to get the job done ie preventing truth & justice from ever getting to the places that need it most.

En el casa del herrero cuchillo de palo — At the home of the blacksmith, the knife is made of wood.

Those who appear to be the most trustworthy in public life are front people for the biggest lies. Actors. In a soap opera called Social Engineering.

For some reason Brit personalities like to go round lecturing everyone on corruption.

But as former Private Eye owner Peter Cook once said:

“You know, I go to the theatre to be entertained. I dont want to see plays about rape, sodomy and drug addiction…I can get all that at home.”
Peter Cook

There is an idea that the BBC may be trustworthy. But its propaganda is so transparently infantilising that trust levels appear to be eroding at an accelerating rate.

Speaking of corruption:

Trump Biden Ukraine Corruption

I wanted to know what the latest was in relation to the Trump / Biden / Ukraine story.

After having seen the following image at 5am UK time:

Taken from Today’s New York Times.

The Trump Biden ‘Backstory’

Democrat Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, recently decided to impeach Trump over a telephone call he made the new President of Ukraine, former TV star, Zelensky.

A whistleblower claimed that during this telephone call Trump threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine unless it launched full investigations into the sacking of a Ukrainian former prosecutor who was investigating corruption at a pro-Putin Ukrainian gas company — one of whose directors happened to be Hunter Biden, son of former US Vice President Joe Biden.


This tweet speaks for itself. Vicky Ward is leading the charge. Check out Kushner Inc and the video she did with Democracy Now earlier this year.

Where you going with that gun in your hand?

Joe Biden was filmed, as shown in the following BBC clip, showing off about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor sacked in exchange for aid money.

Questions about Biden

But why did Biden get the official sacked?

Is that even legal?

The US exerts its power in so many ways.

Lolz at Play

Just as the European Union doesn’t want to admit how powerful it is and how much corruption it enables, is this example of Biden using the US to feather his own nest just another one of those normal things that the powerful do that we aren’t supposed to talk about or frame as everyday corruption?

Do US rules require further proof of the link between the sacking of the official and the investigation into Biden’s son’s firm?

And should Biden even be visiting Ukraine when his son is a director in a pro-Putin gas firm?

Although this might have been legal at the time in Ukraine, it looks very bad in America and elsewhere.

#CrookedHillary, anyone?

Pragmatism Vs Principle

Having a dad who is able to pull strings on a geo strategic level would be regarded, in some industries, as a game changing business asset.

Though this may look like prima facie nepotism to any normal person, to someone who wants to win a gas concession it is just getting things done.


And therefore cheaper.

Get it Done

In Britain, Boris Johnson and his cabinet keep going around saying “Get Brexit done”. Using force and bullying tones to hope that their Brexit deal is not scrutinised.

The EU does much of its work completely under the radar too.

So what are the rules around nepotism?

The noises I have heard coming out of the US say there are rules for nepotism in the US but that they don’t apply to the White House.

Though Trump is credited with helping people discover this, the Bidens may also have been well aware.

Have the Bidens been playing a regulatory arbitrage game?

US influence via Ukrainian Loopholes. Ewwww!

Ça pue!

En français on dit “ça pue!”

Huele Mal

Y en Castellano digamos “Huele Mal!”

El Olor de la Corrupción

Transformation from Illegal to Legal Corruption

What was legal in Ukraine, and practical for the Bidens in terms of US influence, despite looking like nepotism, allows corrupt practices to shift from being obviously corrupt to business as usual.

How is this politically possible? Is it Alchemy? Or is everything permitted?

David Whyte of University of Liverpool on the transition from Illegal to legal Corruption:

Just because it’s Biden this time, that’s not to say that Trump wouldn’t try something like this.

Maybe some of his kids are signed up to help steer US policy in various countries to suit foreign interests.

The names Ivanka and Chief of Staff Jared spring to mind!

Thinking back to the BBC video, I can’t help but think the report is a bit rushed.

The turning points are merely touched on and Mr Biden is given a fairly easy ride.

No questions are asked about whether any of what Biden has done is legal. And the fact that it is Pelosi who is impeaching Trump for looking into Biden’s corruption rather lets Biden and the Democrats off the hook.

The whole thing stinks and could backfire on the Democrats but I guess they were already in a desperate situation or they wouldn’t have picked this to be the issue with which to beat the President.

There is so much else going on, it looks like the Democrats only care about protecting Biden.

How many people spoke in the BBC news clip?

How long did each clip or person get?

Did anyone offer deep explanations? Or was much of the thrust basically conjecture? Was there a tone of powerlessness from the presenter? Is that not the usual British disgust at that which it doesn’t understand?

What the BBC expects its producers and presenters to tap into is their perceived primeval fear of the other.

Must have been very useful in the early days of the BBC and the final days of the empire.

But now it is merely a series of tricks that revolve around who is in power at any one place and time, and whatever the broadcasters’ Military Intelligence copywriters (script writers) happen to have been told about the latest short term objective.

Which is why only BBC employees and certain academics are allowed full access to iPlayer.

They don’t want people going through old issues of the 6 O’clock News. Or especially breaking news. The propaganda would be too transparent.

Here’s a relevant news item that has been systematically suppressed, but contains some clues about the draconian surveillance powers being exercised over iPlayer access. The Unknowers Spreading Amnesia.

Amol Rajan

Amol Rajan is back from paternity leave. Congratulations, old chap.

Personally I would love to go through all of the Amol Rajan tv reports since he has been the BBC’s Media Editor.

I’ve taped a couple of them, but most are inaccessible.

Down the memory hole. (Thanks Roger)

Rajan is incredibly incisive but equally distorting.

The BBC Media Editor job didn’t exist before and he appears to have been given it because he is super charismatic and a loyal part of the apparatus.

Having a decent address book and being a spook probably also helps.

From Phone Hacking and press intrusion to Big Tech, he has quite a wide beat.

And he manages to always steer things away from election rigging, patronage, and finance capitalism.

Full disclosure: I may be rather green eyed about this as he is younger and more successful than me. (enough of that, ed)


In 2013 when he was appointed editor of the Lebedev-owned Independent newspaper I sent him a congratulatory email and told him that Genetically Modified was back in the news and that I knew people who were influential and politically active on the topic.

His reply:

Everyday Corruption

A deal has clearly been struck between Lebedev and Putin, and between Lebedev and the UK state, in whatever form.

Russian, Israeli, UK Military intelligence control our media. ‘Tis clear.

Luke Harding’s recent review of Alexander Lebedev’s biography revealed that he said NOTHING about Putin.

Bit weird, don’t you think?

Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert owned Pergamon Press and did plenty of business with the Soviets and Israel.

He released this book in the early 80s.

Alexander Lebedev’s father was a KGB agent in London before going onto become a banking, energy, and airlines billionaire.

Maybe he read it. Maybe he knew Maxwell. Who knows.

Epstein did business with Maxwell, Trump met him too.

Did Lebedev pick up the pieces in the oligarch’s orgy that followed Maxwell’s demise?

Maxwell was a go between between Soviet and western engineers and Israeli military intelligence in the construction and sales of databases with backdoors and of military technology.

Epstein travelled to Saudi using a fake Austrian passport.

I composed this a few weeks ago – it includes a sample from Facebook at a congressional hearing on social media and mass shootings before going into Whitney Webb who shines many lights on the mass shooting business model of big tech as well as Epstein and Israeli military intelligence.

You won’t hear pro-GM gatekeeper Amol Rajan saying that!

Capital without Borders

The big people have their money stashed away in Cayman, Panama, Luxembourg etc and they like shareholder value and Bilderberg style unscrutinised decision making.

So though we have this all pervading fascistic self-policing façade of equal ops and meritocracy, the only thing that counts is still patronage, influence and who you know.

The Guardian is obviously pro-GM like Lebedev.

But this is all part of the omertà code.

Nothing written down but everyone that matters knows the rules.

Clearly the EU would be doing the same if they could get away with it.

Look at the deregulatory deal they just gave the UK.

This permanently unfolding coup, in which the power to discuss things openly is repeatedly taken away from us and so heavily policed, deplatformed, and infiltrated as to become meaningless, creates a strong feeling of mistrust but also the need to rebel.

And if that need is not met using the means that our imaginations find least adventurous, then people will become more creative in their descriptions of their own powerlessness and in their attempts at structural change.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

I used to feel sorry for the Saudi Princes that have all this wealth and no power. But now that Saudi are buying stakes in Goldman-backed Babylon Health which is gobbling up NHS Business along with UnitedHealth and Google Health formerly known as Deep Mind, I can see that the holes in Saudi’s deep pockets are gutting the UK Welfare state in order to pay for a new suit.

I used to live in Spain and everywhere I went I would hear people say “My Taylor is Rich”. I began to realise that this may have had something to do with the way in which people were taught english back then.

Eddie Izzard used to do a great sketch about how he could never use the language he was taught at school in his everyday life. “The Monkey is in the Tree” didn’t really work that well at the airport.

It turns out the audio-lingual approach to language learning that emphasises rote learning was favoured by the Assimil method of Learning English without difficulty.

And the full quote, taken from the first line of the book is: My Tailor is Rich but My English is Poor.

If my tailor is rich and my english poor then maybe my tailor is my banker and my media and he is prospering from rinsing my mind as well as my wallet.

Babylon / PIF / Google Health / NHS / Tencent / Russians

The web of financialised influence which allows international finance capital to bob in and out of our public services like a yo-yo is really something to behold.

Rather than going into it now, let me deposit some primary source documentation.

This piece is explosive from Amol Rajan. He is an insider to all this stuff so you have to wonder about conflicts of interest and revolving door.

The last media secretary Jeremy Wright issued a public interest intervention because of the Saudi stake in Lebedev Holdings.

The court ruled this August that the Media and Culture Department had taken far too long to launch proceedings.

The only person to report on this was Jim Waterson of the Guardian.

This followed FT pieces in early 2019 speculating as to the identity of the mystery Saudi investors.

But Amol Rajan had told us about it back in 2017.

We just didn’t notice.

And he intimated the Prince in question was basically the Saudi state.

Lebedev previously employed Amol Rajan and current Today programme editor Sarah Sands.

Both blatant Tories.

So the Government court case against a Tory press baron was timed to fail.

Financial Adviser and Bank Confidential whistleblower protection campaigner Steve Middleton has spoken about the way banks “buy precedent” by choosing which fraud cases to lose in order to control the law and set precedents that suit their long term interests.

I call this “falling with style”.

More Lebedev links:

He must be tight with Jared Kushner. Jared owned the New York Observer and used it to conduct Agenda Setting operations, like his father in law’s mentor Roy Cohn.

The whole Epstein / MBS / Weinsten / Prince Andrew thing is in play.

Back to Babylon / Palantir

Babylon is doing business with chinese surveillance capitalists Tencent



I’m guessing these documents show that Babylon, like WeWork and Uber is a loss making Private Equity unicorn vehicle designed to grab market share while Goldman and Morgan Stanley let their mates at Vostok capital fill their boots.

Look at Vostok’s ownership. It’s Russian with a Swedish CEO.

Look at the interview with Ali Parsa on page 6 of the pdf above. He is talking to his biggest investors. He says Babylon is available in Saudi, Rwanda, Malaysia, China and UK. Think about the repressive nature of some of those regimes. Rwanda is run by Tony Blair Associates using their deliverology model. Bill and Melinda Gates are involved. Philanthrocapitalism replacing the World Bank and private banks.

The NHS is being torn to shreds by a Goldman & Google backed Russian Saudi Chinese surveillance capitalist private equity vampire and the BBC say hardly a word.

Hasta Luego

Although I’ve been blogging on and off for four years now, I think I’m finally hitting my stride. It’s nice to draw on previous wanderings and to channel an automatic structuring of unstructured information. If you are going to share this, please share it outside the UK as much as possible!

Thank You for your Time and Attention, and please do come back for more!

Media News Video

What Some Businesses are thinking about Brexit…

Financial Times Personal Finance correspondent Claer Barrett was on BBC Breakfast yesterday with Ian Wright of the Food and Drinks Federation.

What types of messages will they deliver?

  1. Does the BBC want them to say there’s nothing to worry about?
  2. Do their colleagues, employers and members expect them to predict nothing but “doom and gloom”
  1. What does Claer say the Government has been saying?
  2. What does Claer think the Government has not been doing?
  3. What are businesses not able to do?
  4. What does Ian Wright from the Food and Drink Federation say about the uncertainty of a No Deal Brexit?
  5. What is Mr Wright’s point about buying a house in two weeks’ time?
  6. What does Mr Wright say about “TTIP“?

Wikileaks Founder denied Fair Trial in Fascist UK #FreeAssange #ExtraditionRebellion

Yesterday Julian Assange was on trial in London.

This was all the BBC website gave him:

Nervous State Propaganda

Look at the time they put it out. After midnight. How many do you reckon signed off on it? BBC Staff on secondment from MOD & FCO?

How UK media operates.

After all, this news story is the only searchable story the BBC are putting out about a high profile publisher and political prisoner on UK soil.

Imagine if Putin had done that. Kleptocrats without Borders!

Of course Putin’s channel RT has covered it.

And is the only outlet with any images of Julian Assange.

This was on page twenty of the Murdoch-owned Times:

Page 20 of today’s Times (Murdoch Press)

The Guardian put this on page 17.

Daily Security Services Bulletin

No mention of the paper’s collaboration with Assange and its later cosying back up with Security Services.

Meanwhile over at the Mail:

If you ever needed evidence that the BBC and the Press Barons work together to silence dissenting voices, this is it.

Man who publishes evidence of war crimes, including the killing of Reuters journalists by US helicopters in Iraq, is on trial with next to no coverage but the news cycle dictates that former soldier and member of the Royal Household’s relationship with his brother, the heir to the throne, is of more significance than the extradition to a country with the death penalty of by far the most significant publisher in recent history.

Donald Trump famously praised WikiLeaks all the way to the White House in 2016:

Channel Four News covered 7 stories including quite a few minutes on the diseases caused by repeatedly heading footballs, but no mention of Julian Assange’s extradition trial.

Meanwhile Rutly / RT got this footage:

Yesterday four firms settled out of court with local governments in Ohio to avoid facing trial over their role in the Opioid epidemic in America that costs thousands of lives each year.

Why do “western values” allow too big to jail corporate criminals to openly deal death on the streets while persecuting people who expose war crimes and the slaughter of innocents?

It is clear. Corporate Criminals and Kleptocrats are running wild and those who call them out are immediately repressed.


US Opioid firms Too Big to Jail

HSBC are well known for making their money selling Opium in China in the 19th Century. But now in the 21st Century US corporations are openly selling death on the streets of America — and getting away with it. I’m not talking guns.

We’re talking painkillers.

Four firms just settled for hundreds of millions of dollars out of court in Ohio today to avoid facing a public hearing .

Here is what the FT are saying:


And this from the Wall Street journal:


Too Big to Jail cases in banking usually end with a Deferred Prosection Agreement (DPA) in which the defendant avoids the taint of criminality but is officially on probation for a few years.

According to Brandon Garrett, author of Too Big to Jail, the Deferred Prosecution Agreement has its origins in regular street drug dealers.

Funny how drugs and money go together so well.

UK Serious Fraud Office boss is Lisa Osofsky. She just closed an investigation into LIBOR rigging. In her year in charge so far they haven’t really gone after the banks.

Osofsky was once lead counsel for Goldman Sachs and did several years at UK-based mercenary firm Control Risks before moving onto Exiger the “Compliance Monitoring” firm born of the 2012 DPA with HSBC.

So she knows a thing or two about White Collar Crime.

Bloomberg were very honest about the dilemma facing the SFO a year and a half ago, before Osofsky was appointed.

With Brexit happening, UK needs to show that its “open for business” and not that it’s Serious about Fraud.

Surprise surprise…

As Osofsky is not going after banks and carrying out less raids, that must be good for Britain’s reputation as a good place to do business!


Keir Starmer & Владимир Летвин ( Vladimir Letwin ) Strike Back

Lord Letwin DeRegulator ((Dominator)) ((Der is no Udder))

Wanna Kiss Myself

It’s quite something to see Arch-Remainers parachute Arch-Thatcherite Oliver Letwin into his new emergency-style role as Lord Liberal of Remain.

But does this not slightly give the game away?

That we’re in for a Mandelsonian Blairite Johnson Miller Faragiste Zero Regulation Putin Trump Murdoch Roy Cohn-style Apocalyptic #TINA-style Brexit.

A fool & his attention are soon hacked.

On the BBC yesterday he was made to look as though he was attempting to thwart Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal:

But on Andrew Marr today he said he would happily vote for it.


It is testament to the Billionaire BBC and Press Baron propaganda machine that Letwin was lauded by thousands in Central London for appearing to block Boris’ Brexit and all the deregulation that will come with it, when nothing could be further from the truth.


In June 2017 Letwin wrote this piece for Evening Standard Editor George Osborne. Note the use of the term Crypto-Marxist. Yesterday he relied on John McDonnell’s vote. I smell shenanigans.

The Real Deal

This is more like it (from August)

The new EU / Boris withdrawal agreement is stuffed with deregulation. No wonder Letwin says he’ll vote for it. Interesting that they put a border around Ireland.

Drift to Union

In 1989 Oliver Letwin wrote Drift to Union: Wiser Way to a Wider Community.


This was one of the early Eurosceptic works and is said to have radicalised Brexit Headbanger and all round swivel-eyed loon Bernard Jenkin.

Swivel-Eyed Loons

Oliver’s Army

Check out the lyrics:

In his autobiography, Hearts and Minds, Oliver Letwin admits to being hoist by his own petard in regard to Jenkin and the rest of the “bastards”.

Letwin of course didn’t invent Euroscepticism.


Paedo Harvey Proctor was a eurosceptic long before Letwin came on the scene. He was an Enoch Powell fan. Powell, though a genius in the linguistic realm, was also said variously to be a racist, a eurosceptic, a monetarist and a paedophile. Proctor is well known to have been all of the above.

Tony Benn was a Eurosceptic too and bonded with Powell over their mutual disdain for the EU. Just as Corbyn has always been against the Bosses Union. God knows why he and John McDonnell have U-turned now!

Deregulate This!

Deregulation is the thing which has been the only political topic for the last forty years but which the BBC and other channels of course pretend isn’t actually happening.

Racist though they are, the executives at the BBC would prefer to talk about racism than deregulation!

The Naga Munchetty debacle and particularly Tory Lord Michael Grade’s recent Newsnight contribution proved as much. (Grade is a member of paedo pressure group FAIR)

The gargantuan effort of miseducating the nation would take years of deprogramming to eventually be remedied.

The BBC are happy to refer to unregulated sectors as being bad, but never to deregulation as a political choice.


Check out the spike from 2015 in the graph below. They pretend the stats over the decade are bad, but the inflection point is the deregulation bill of 2015. There was a clause in the bill about privatising and outsourcing children’s homes. I called the Children’s Society, who did this research, at the time, but they couldn’t care less. The graph appears in the video below it.

Again the stat below is for 2012 to 2019 but I suspect the bulk of the rise is from 2015. Some Tory donors will have made big money from the Deregulation Bill.

Deregulation Bill

The Deregulation Bill of 2015 passed almost without mention. Sponsored by Ken Clarke and Oliver Letwin. Both of whom featured in Iain Duncan Smith’s speech yesterday.

So Johnson, Clarke, Letwin, and Duncan Smith are all pimping vulnerable kids into prostitution, trafficking, drug addiction and misery for the sake of a couple of quid. And the BBC say nothing.

Matt Hancock signed off on the Deregulation Bill at the same time as he was talking up TTIP.

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, a Labour Lord, represented Labour for the Deregulation Bill in the Lords against the coalition’s Lib Dem Lord Saltaire.

I watched Hancock and Hunt in Parliament on the same day in January 2015.

Little did I know that Britain would leave the EU and Trump torpedo TTIP.

Or that Hancock would become Health Minister.

Revolving Door

But weirdest of all was when I found out that Lord Hunt was on the books of Tory former health Minister Baroness Cumberlege’s lobbying firm : Cumberlege Connections.

How transparently fucked up is that? A leading Labour Lord being on a Tory’s lobby outfit’s payroll. And guess who else is on Cumberlege’s books?

Only Baroness Browning, the chair of ACOBA, the body that is supposed to police the revolving door. Browning is literally doing the thing she is supposed to be guarding against. Fox in charge of chicken house on a meta-fucking-level.

Speaking of meta, that is what the deregulation bill was. It took bits from pre-existing laws. Same as Brexit is doing to workers rights. Snipping them away in one go.


After the Deregulation bill was passed Sajid Javid became Business Secretary and said he wanted to cut even more Red Tape. The Cameron One in Two Out and One in Three Out Deregulation policies were eventually copied in Brussels and by Donald Trump.

We are the kings of below the radar human rights violations.

And the BBC is key in disarming, disinforming, destroying modern Britain.

Paedo Protection Unit

Concealing deregulation debates from its audience has been as big a con trick as the VIP sex scandal it pulled with Jimmy Savile. It’s tried to pretend Westminster doesn’t have a paedo / rent boy / VIP sex ring problem but, again, it’s plain as day that the BBC is protecting paedos like Harvey Proctor.

Proctor’s winning the Paedo PR war with help from the likes of Stephen Fry, Craig Dillon, and Tarsh Consulting.

The associates on Daniel Janner’s Paedo pressure group FAIR look like they’re almost all evil. I would say Liam Allan has been utterly duped into joining.

Teresa Cooper

For the link between privatisation, profit and paedophilia listen to this podcast from 2018 that connects upskirting scandal MP Sir Christopher Chope who used to run Wandsworth Council with the drugging and raping of Teresa Cooper and other women as part of the Big Pharma experiments that were conducted at Kendall House in the early eighties.

Teresa is an inspiration – do find out more about her. Amazing Woman.

Paedos, Pensions, & Private Sector Profits

Oliver Letwin is the the author of Privatising the World and Britain’s Biggest Enterprise.


Letwin’s wife, Isabel, was head of Legal Services at the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department of Health during the Health and Social Care Act of 2012.

The Act did more to open up the NHS to the Private Sector than any other.

Pushed through by Letwin’s wife and Lib Dem peer Tim Clement Jones while Letwin himself was the eminence grise of the then coalition cabinet.

Cameron had put Letwin in every Cabinet Committee and let him run the Country via the Cabinet Office.

Señora Clegg

Clement Jones was Miriam Gonzalez Durantez’s boss at DLA Piper as well as being the Lib Dems’ Treasurer & Health spokesman in the Lords.

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is a trade and competition lawyer who worked for Chris Patten in Brussels. After working at DLA Piper she moved to the London office of US law firm Dechert. She is currently Vice Chair of UBS Europe and at the beginning of the year she moved to California with her family and joined Cohen Grasser.


Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is married to former UK Deputy Prime Minister and current Facebook Vice President for Global Affairs and Comms, Nick Clegg.

Clegg of course worked for reputed paedo Leon Brittan in Brussels.

Will Facebook’s new currency Libra be linked to UK DWP benefits payments?

AI & Govt Welfare Contracts

Tata Consulting Services have a contract to supply platforms for Aadhaar, the Indian biometric welfare system,

as well as the private sector AI offshoot for UK benefits — BPDTS.

The Talent

But they are still trying to make it look glam to attract “talent” to its Newcastle offices. Offering Datajams, Dojos, and hackathons. When in actual fact they are just persecuting, traumatising and often killing people who they should be helping.

Tata have been here for 10 years:

Aadhaar – Indian Biometric ID System

This is what can happen when things go wrong – and they have been going wrong for a long time already.

Cathy O’Neill’s Weapons of Math Destruction is brilliant on this.

All roads to (the) Letwin(s)

The following excerpt featuring Clement Jones and Isabel Letwin is taken from Nicholas Timmins’s Never Again


Old McStarmer had a yarn

Keir Starmer was the lawyer for the McLibel case that was so embarrassing for McDonalds. He went on to become Director of Public Prosecutions. A super political job. They say he’s a proper deep state man.

How funny that John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson, Keir Starmer and OLIVER LETWIN all voted, against Boris, for the same bill.

Were they really all voting against a crash-out?

I am of the opinion that no deal would be better than the one that Boris has agreed.

The Meaning of Meaning

Here’s my mate Roger Lewis and I trying to make sense of events.

Great NHS Heist

If you liked the themes in this blog you would probably like the upcoming film by Dr Bob Gill and Drew McFadyen, The Great NHS Heist.


Brexit, Chinese Antibiotics, Northern Irish Chicken, & Linsey McGoey’s The Unknowers

Combine Felicity Lawrence’s article on Chinese antibiotics in today’s Guardian

with her talk at the Museum of Comedy last week,

and you get a decent prism through which to interpret Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

What’s the Deal?

If Northern Ireland is to officially remain in the Customs Union and follow the EU’s food safety regulation, this is proof that they have already started to flout it.

Concerned Brexiteers have spoken of Brexit in name only (BRINO) – but this deal, masquerading as Remain, retains the familiar Rees Mogg whiff of droit du seigneur, sans noblesse oblige.

Why all the enthusiasm from Macron, Merkel, Varadkar and even Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg?

I suppose that as the EU has painted itself as a moral organisation which exists to protect peace within and outside its borders, it is very hard for it to make noise about anything that resembles specific features from its own system of exceptions, caveats, favouritism and outright hypocrisy.

The BBC had a legal and trade academic from Cambridge University on yesterday talking about how the EU is afraid of a Singapore on Thames on its doorstep.

But what about Ireland and Luxembourg — what are they?

This is UK pitching to be a rogue state that gets to compete with everyone else in a race to the bottom taking every possible advantage it can whilst pretending to respect the rule of law and do deals with the equally hypocritical but harder to control EU.

Is there a way out of this mess? I don’t know.

The fact that nobody in the UK is made aware of the confirmation hearings for EU commissioners, let alone that at least three proposed commissioners have had their candidatures voted down by the European Parliament, indicates the outsize ignorance levels in which this country bathes.

Ignorance as a Weapon

Speaking of ignorance – I picked up Linsey McGoey’s new book The Unknowers last week.

I’ve been looking forward to this for about two years and the first few pages do not disappoint. This is looking like it’s going to be book of the year and recommended reading for anyone who doesn’t like being lied to.

The field of ignorance studies is also known as agnotology and strategic ignorance — one way of describing the tactics of those who have done so much to create our almost total lack of political awareness.

The axioms upon which the foundations of classical economics are built include perfect access to information and logical rational decision-making. One doesn’t have to be Kurt Gödel to disprove either. 

As the saying goes, We are not so much Dr Spock as Homer Simpson. 

Pedagogy of the Digitally Oppressed 

Instead of discussing whether or not we are being lied to, McGoey gets us comfortable with the idea that being surrounded by lies and omissions is just the norm.

A good place to start. I’m not yet familiar with the principles and schools of thought in the science of agnotology, but I feel quite sure that, whatever they are, they are being deployed by and upon us every minute of every day.

Censorship, Profits, Health Claims

The book has a section on Big Pharma whistleblowers, and relates to the whole world of non-disclosure and gagging clauses:

It is also of huge relevance now that facebook is setting up a “supreme court” to decide what can be posted and shared or not — despite bizarrely allowing lies in the world of political advertising.

I heard the EU Health Claims rules mean you cannot refer to the health benefits of any product without having done tests and having a licence to do so.

The degree to which these communication rules are enforced on social media, i don’t know. I suspect it’s one rule for large corporates and another for small companies.

Corporate criminality thrives on ignorance, but there should also be such a thing as privacy.

How best to diminish the former but protect the latter?



Irish Sea Brexit, Hong Kong Human Rights, Erasebook

Red Red Lines

UK PM Boris Johnson has proposed an EU border in the Irish sea. However, this was a red line under the previous administration, and goes against the stated principles of treating Northern Ireland just like the rest of the UK, so it is obvious this cannot be accepted by hardline Brexiteers.

DC Hong Kong Beijing

Bloomberg report that the Chinese Finance Ministry have reacted to the US Congress motions in support of Hong Kong protestors.

Meanwhile Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is expected to deliver her proposals tonight.

The facemask ban that was recently passed in Hong Kong is a curious mix of colonial laws being used to help identify protestors using facial recognition – a technology that is used by facebook, amazon and ali baba.

Hong Kong changeover from Britain included “backstops too”. <


Zuck met right wing influence groups so now people want to delete facebook:



Time for a revamp.

Information Architecture

The information architecture was beginning to ossify. It had been two years since the installation of the last theme.

Increased Output

The 2019 uptick is to be celebrated. However activity remains minimal compared to objectives.

Creative Approach

As we embrace new approaches to creativity – levels, and quality, of output should increase.

Consumable Format

Various concurrent stories to now be reflected in website format. With the aim of giving readers more of an idea of what is going on than having to take in one story at a time.

Social Media

No share buttons on here for now, but I shouldn’t think that will be a problem for long.


FT Brussels brought to you by… BP

I must have seen it millions of times, but never really thought about it.

But how long have BP been sponsoring the FT Brussels Briefing?

And what does that mean for FT journos reporting on EU lobbying?

Let’s say a reporter moves over from the FT to BBC, Sky, Channel for or ITV.

Will she bring the same unwillingness to run anti-BP stories that would have served her well at the FT?

Extinction Rebellion were outside the BBC this weekend reporting on the BBC’s deathly silence around climate change.

The BBC has given far more attention to the Ineos-sponsored unregulated breaking of the 2 hour marathon barrier than it has to the murder by Syrian and Turkish troops of a Kurdish political leader.

The same attention hackers that take the money from BP and propagandise for Ineos are the ones who want to deny equality to women in the Middle East and remain silent when the Turkish President orders the murder of the same Kurdish fighters that had defeated ISIS.

Where is Hillary Benn now, who as Shadow Foreign Secretary rebelled against his own leader, Jeremy Corbyn in order to passionately argue that Britain bomb Syria particularly to take out ISIS?

He has moved on to Brexit and has no time for the Kurds.

Start writing or type / to choose a block

Start writing or type / to choose a block

Start writing or type / to choose a block


Vatican Stonewalls UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Market As God

Pro-European Margaret Thatcher famously said There is No Alternative (TINA) — that austerity, deregulation, liberalisation, and privatisation, i.e. the magic of the marketplace was the way to go.

This approach paved the way for the financialised, paedophilic, tech-centric, attention deficit, political war machine society in which we all currently reside.

As PM Thatcher effectively ran a Cabinet in which the culture of rampant paedophilia we now take for granted became very much the norm.

As her plan for denationalisation took shape, there was supposed to be at least a semblance of audit and regulation of the soon to be deregulated institutions.

Hundreds of regulatory bodies sprung up overnight. One for every sector and subsector. Some public, some private, some in between. But who was overseeing them? Anybody?

Some say in the UK the National Health Service (NHS) is akin to religion.

But so is Thatcherism, in which privatisation, profits & paedophiles go hand in hand.

And of the paedophiles and their accomplices operating with quasi-impunity one need look no further than Thatcher’s own cabinet whose message to the victims of paedophilia about the suffering that they had experienced really couldn’t have been clearer:


Klaus Töpfer, former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, speaking of efficiency and equity at the 2001 UNFCC Meeting in Marrakesh said that the Climate Change Convention was not simply about “Conservation and Pollution Abatement” but also:

the transformations that will bring about greater efficiency in the use of resources and greater equity in access to them. The market is a guide to efficiency. But governmental intervention and corporate responsibility are necessary to promote equity. Without equity, the fruits of efficiency will not endure. This is not just a convention on the global environment. It is a convention on the sustainable development of the global economy.

When Thatcher and her profit-seeking, privatising, paedophilic chums set about “fixing” the economy claiming that there was no alternative they adopted the language of religion, power, academia and the military and yet offered no protection to the children whom they and their friends so frequently impoverished, drugged and raped.

When allegations of paedophilia at Kincora, a children’s home in Northern Ireland, surfaced in 1983, a cabinet meeting was called and many of the people we now know to have been involved in various sex scandals, including paedophilic ones were sat around the table, what do you think their attitude was to the victims?

Did they call for immediate inquiries and for heads to roll?

Or did they call for business as usual and let’s keep this all hush hush?

In 2015 Amnesty International’s Northern Ireland Chief said, “Allegations have persisted that paedophilia at Kincora was linked to British intelligence services, with claims that visitors to the home included members of the military, politicians and civil servants, and that police investigations into abuse at Kincora were blocked by the Ministry of Defence and MI5.”

The following story which appears in today’s Times implies the Vatican is not co-operating with the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse —but Kincora will not be discussed either.

The entire operation has been stage managed so as to allow the paedophiles, many of who are still alive, to escape, and in some cases to continue to claim their innocence with full Tory support.

The language of the market and of religion have long been pointed out as being very similar.

When it comes to paedophilic cover-ups and sinners and escaping unscathed, this parallel remains very real.

Worshipping the Market or the Nation can only lead to this type of psychopathy.


Privately run care home hits the skids

Care firm condemned again

Darlington privately run care home fails Care Quality Commission (CQC) 5 months after being graded as outstanding.


BBC downplay data collection scandal

The BBC have published an article about Buzzfeed’s data collection scoop but buried it in the technology section.

I suppose we should be grateful to whoever at the technology section covered it.

But why have the politics section not touched it?

Did this story even get mentioned on last night’s Question Time?


How’s that coup coming along?

There no coups in the UK. We just adapt. Some people might call it switching sides. Collaborating. Sleeping with the Enemy. Hypocrisy. Spinelessness. Disloyalty. Dishonesty. But that is to be kind. One has to survive. And if one accepts that that is the goal, then all else is up for grabs. So Rule No.1: Throw anyone under the bus. Rule No.2: Let there be no limitations. ie throw lots of people under the bus including family, friends, and especially the innocent. Rule No.3: There are no Rules.

This piece came out on Tech Crunch last night.

I see someone has commented. Do you think numbers are low because no-one is interested, everyone is lazy, or because people are too scared of being surveilled.

Here is the story in the Guardian on Tuesday evening – six hours after the original Buzzfeed piece. Strange that it didn’t make the actual paper. Interesting that, for a story with the word alarm in it, there has been no follow up. Comments disabled, of course.

Is this like what happened when Hervé Falciani handed new ECB head Christine Lagarde a bunch of confidential HSBC tax files (Swiss Leaks) when she was the French Finance Minister?

She managed to get them to the Greek Government but quite cleverly didn’t get too involved.

So anyway the Guardian did something good, but didn’t put in the paper, allow comments or commission follow ups…

The Buzzfeed piece:

Needless to say BBC have completely ignored this story. Not a trace. Channel Four haven’t mentioned it either. Maybe they lack the resources? Maybe they lack the desire. Even UK Column haven’t touched it. Oversight? Or are they too controlled opposition?

Computer Weekly last night:

Independent touch it – look at the comments (there are only two)

One of the Comments points to this. The Big Kahuna. Look at the Pericles bit. :

The book Ratfucked springs to mind. It’s about gerrymandering. Except this time it’s cognitive. Neuro-rigging. With Maps. These are the people behind Cambridge Analytica, aren’t, they?

Johnson, Patel, Gove, Cummings.


The Boris Johnson Phenomenon: Kiddy Fudge Pack Special

All that Ernst Rohm-style libertarian fudge packing at Guido must blind it to the optics of backing far right BS artist Alexander “Boris” “de Pfeffel” “Johnson” Kemal.

Kemal is the son of a fellow BS artist who goes by the name of Stanley Johnson.

Stanley Johnson should really be called Stanley Kemal as his own father was called Osman Kemal.

The Kemal, taken from Osman’s father Ali Kemal, was dropped in favour of Osman’s grandmother’s maiden name, Johnson.

All somewhat ironic given the penile note “Boris Johnson” etched onto the leaving book on his last day at Eton College.

That his main goal in life was “to secure more notches on my phallocratic phallus”

For such a great white patriarchy hype figure who puts so much emphasis on his phallus, it is quite telling that he is in such profound denial about his 100% patrineal Muslim bloodline.

Osman Kemal’s grandmother raised Osman as Wilfred and gave him her maiden name so not to appear too Ottoman during WWI.

The Ottomans happened to side with the Germans at that time.

So it’s even funnier still that Stanley Johnson has passed down the “de Pfeffel” onto his son, because that comes from his maternal grandmother’s maiden name — which just happens to be German.

So the PM is not just a shape shifter, he is drawn from a line of multigenerational duplicitous pragmatism.

It was during this period that Lord Mountbatten’s family changed its name from Battenberg to seem less German, the Royal Family too switched from Saxe Coburg & Gotha to Windsor due to anti-German sentiment.

Incest and paedophilia go hand in hand with modern Royalty.

The Queen and Prince Phillip are cousins and The Queen’s husband’s Uncle Louis Mountbatten is alleged to have been a notorious paedophile but who got away with it as he was a top military man.

Mountbatten was also apparently involved in a coup to overthrow the Labour Government in the 1960s.

For now we have Fake News in elections and Boris working to defend the right of Establishment Paedophiles.

I asked the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse if it would look into the Mountbatten allegations re: Kincora, a boys care home in Northern Ireland where many Top Government adults came to rape the boys.

They refused, saying Northern Ireland and Scotland are outside their remit. Who decided that, I wonder?

Boris said on LBC that money spent investigating “Historic Sex Abuse” is money “spaffed against a wall”.

It turns out his Digital PR man Craig Dillon has made videos defending Cliff Richard, Paul Gambacinni, and the notorious alleged paeedophile and convicted sex offender, the Tory Harvey Proctor.

In The Boris Show US writer Michael Wolff got Johnson to say he was “ready to be Vichy-like” in the case that a foreign billionaire bought the Spectator magazine where he worked.

For more evidence of his sycophancy, he referred to his own voice as sheep-like when speaking with President Trump at the G7.

This is deeply humiliating but makes perfect sense when contextualised by his great grandfather’s murder.

Ali Kemal was chopped into bits because he wanted to turn the Ottoman Empire into a British protectorate.

Till now I feared Brexit might mean we become Puerto Rico – a 51st state of the United States of America.

But now I can see that Russia, Iran, Algeria are all way ahead of us.

We will catch them up one day, if we are lucky.


Ursula Von der Leyen’s gender balanced pro-war pro-austerity European Commission

Taken from Bloomberg Brussels

Project Pangloss

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is signing up to “feed the five thousand” magical thinking Brexit #leapoffaith.

Far right Tory Andrew Bridgen castigated the Archbishop for wanting to call citizens assemblies to sort out Brexit.

But I think former oil exec turned man of the cloth Justin Welby just wanted to steal a bit of Boris and Greta’s thunder.

How many kids has he buggered and killed in person and via proxy?

Ian from Canberra suggests the figure could be as low as 42.

Daily Mail promoting the idea that only foreigners get perks in prison.

I should that say pokes?

But this was banned as it affected UK competition law (Enough of that).

Paxo blissfully unaware of the media and especially Newsnight’s role in all this.

Gove: A million to one chance things will go wrong

From Startup to Stasi

Brit to run human rights violating too big to jail Pharma firm

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Check out Clive’s case. It’s shocking!

Sajid’s Splurge

Fleece the customer for shareholder value!

Don’t vote, it encourages them


Team Boris was Paedo PR, Macron Hypocrisy

Yannick Jadot reckons he’s in with a shot for the Presidential Elections come 2022.

Will it be a run-off between him and Macron or will Marine Le Pen make it through to the deuxieme tour?

Either way, he is on form in this video in which he accuses President Macron of ignoring the fact that France is engaging in deforestation in Guyana, Malaysia and Indonesia while also importing Palm Oil in violation of EU law.

This is the type of platform that is simply not made available to UK Green or “Left wing” politicians.

BBC would not dream of allowing criticism of the Conservative Party.

When Laura Kuenssberg was accused of bias against the Labour Party, the complaint was rejected by her direct superior, hard Brexiteer Robbie Gibb, who then went on to become Theresa May’s head of communications.

Before, during and after Robbie Gibb’s time with Theresa May his brother, Nick Gibb, was Schools Minister.

Are there not supposed to be rules against this sort of thing?

As for the Greens in England, just a few weeks ago, Caroline Lucas proposed an all white all female cabinet as a solution to Brexit.

Upfront identity politics!

For the link between Environmentalism and Conservatism one doesn’t have to travel very far.

This piece came out recently on New York Times:

One can only speculate as to whether Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Kemal-Johnson, crossed paths with Mrs Cordelia Scaife May when he worked on population at the World Bank in New York.

That other famous philanthropist David Koch died last week. He who made his money from oil from land he and his family stole from indigenous Indians.

The Kochs have funded the resurgence in Tea Party-style “nativist” US and UK Conservatism and it is to them that Boris Johnson owes much of his popularity.

“Boris”, real name, Alexander Kemal, (his grandfather (Stanley’s dad) was born Osman Wilfred Kemal), has hired plenty of think tankers on his various press teams and many of them will have been funded, albeit indirectly, by the Kochs.

Brendan O Neil of Spiked admits to receiving Koch money and, the contrarian that he is, permanently puts out odes to white nationalists, asset strippers and forest clearing land grabbers (pussy grabbers too).

Meanwhile we have Brendan’s sister in crypto-fascist arms Carrie Symonds (Boris’s latest squeeze) selling herself as an Oceans protector and protector of birds & women’s rights (surely you mean Ghislaine Maxwell).

Lovely Plumage

I missed the Camel fair in Pushkar when I visited India many years ago. Not sure what the difference is between a Camel Fair, a Birdfair, Jeffrey Epstein’s house or a Libyan Slave Auction for that matter.

“Boris” trades off the idea that one of his ancestors manumitted his beautiful slave girl so he could marry her. And we all know Boris is a stickler for tradition.

“Johnson” visited Standard and Independent owner Evgeny Lebedev’s castle unaccompanied when he was Foreign Minister in 2018.

He’s not answering any questions about it. So he could well have fucked a goat and drank the blood a newly defiled child at the altar of Koch / Saud / Kushner for all we know.

Yes there are supposed to be rules about this stuff, but if the press are in your pocket…

“Johnson”‘s dad Stanley wrote a book recently called Kompromat.

And in Naked Gun 2 & a half Lt. Leslie Nielsen aka Frank Drebin says, of the boxing, “All I know is never bet on the white guy”.

Similarly, “Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel.”

Still, in 2008, when he wasn’t yet London Mayor, “Boris” Kemal was interviewed by Michael Wolff for Vanity Fair.

Wolff went on to write Fire and Fury, the book that got Steve Bannon ejected from the White House.

In the article, entitled The Boris Show, Johnson muses on the probability that he himself (with investors) would run and own the Spectator Magazine (which he edited at the time).

Smelling a rat, he then accuses Wolff of only interviewing him so he could size him up on behalf of Vanity Fair’s Condé Nast owners so that they themselves could then put in a bid.

Turning on the charm, Johnson goes on to say, of any potential foreign billionaire owner:

I heard about this quote in recently deceased Heathcote Williams’ 2016 book Brexit Boris: From Mayor to Nightmare.

The G7 Biarritz meeting is the perfect example of Boris at his most Vichy-like.

Half the UK seems to think that because “Boris” is white and has been to Eton that “Johnson”-Kemal is not capable of the most Vichy-like treachery.

How ironic that Biarritz is in southern France:

Boris Johnson’s name is as much Boris Johnson as Stephen Yaxley Lennon is Tommy Robinson.

These people pick show biz masks and masquerade as Super Patriots, based on their fake names.

At least Priti Patel, Sajid Javid and Dominic Raab have kept their names!

But on that topic, and speaking as a first generation immigrant (my parents are from Northern Sri Lanka) I find it interesting that Javid, Patel, Raab and Johnson are first second and third generation immigrants.

And, despite their lip service to tradition, the Royal Family, and Winston Churchill, they regard most Brits as fundamentally workshy.

And they have no qualms about reinforcing Nazi-like eugenic values in the UK welfare and employment structures.

Who would have thought such evil psychopathy could be served up by this dream team of Muslims, Jews and Hindus?


Machiavellian Political Correctness was the key to backdoor asset strip, and set fire to regulation, meaning human rights.

And all the while Boris’s Girlfriend Carrie Symonds pretends to care about women.

Let them eat cake. Not tonight, Josephine.

Because Boris is too busy packing kiddy fudge in the dungeon of a castle with his secretary for pensions, welfare and the disabled, Amber Rudd.

But seriously, speaking of Boris and Paedophilia, there is a link.

He told Conservative radio host Nick Ferrari that money spent investigating historic child sex abuse was £60m “spaffed” up a wall.

It turns out that Craig Dillon, who runs Westminster Digital, his social media adviser, has the contract to promote Cliff Richard, and the convicted sadistic evil incarnate paedo Harvey Proctor.

Here’s Harriet Harman, herself compromised on the topic of paedophilia.

She ran Liberty when it was called NCCL (National Council for Civil Liberties).

Her Uncle, Lord Longford, wrote a report on pornography and went on a tour of Scandinavia with Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard in the 70s. Though Harman is asked about Cliff Richard in the interview, which has now been suppressed by the BBC, no mention is made of her Parliamentarian Uncle’s links with paedophiles and murderers, Cliff Richard, or of her own connections with the Paedophile Information Exchange:

All this grooming going on, and so much protection for perpetrators.

Proctor worked for the Duke of Rutland in 2015 when he was raided by the police looking for evidence of paedophilia.

Here’s Rutland trying to help Proctor get a payout from the Met:

Proctor is campaigning for anonymity for the accused but in reality he is campaigning for compensation. He was the one who not only voluntarily ended his own anonymity, he named other co-accused into the bargain.

Those who were innocent have Proctor to blame for the public undermining of their reputations!

The understanding is that Proctor is into beating rent boys in school uniform. Newspapers ran stories on this and he’s paid fines for it in the UK and has been spotted with young rent boys in Morocco.

None of the recent news reports on Proctor mention any of this stuff.

The Duke of Rutland for who he worked is in Jeffrey Epstein’s address book. Several times. There is a connection between Rutland and Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s main procurer and daughter of disgraced publisher and fraudster Robert Maxwell aka the Bouncing Czech.

Maxwell and Epstein are both rumoured to be Israeli intelligence assets.

Proctor appears to think he can do a Boothby:

The Lord & Gangster, (& Rent Boy Cat Burglar)

Lord Boothby (a Tory) was a friend of Churchill’s and the Krays. He was an alcoholic, a gambler and into rent boys. When the Mirror (before Maxwell bought it) published a story about the above photo (without printing it), the then PM Harold Wilson had the story shut down because one of his own MPs Tom Driberg moved in the same circle and Wilson feared blowback (excuse the pun) if Driberg’s name got mentioned.

There was an election coming up and the Profumo affair had already given the press and public a bit of an appetite for scalps and scandals.

So Boothby sued the Mirror and won £40k. More than £500k in today’s money.

Looks like the vile paedo Proctor is doing the same. Wanting to sue the police for calling a paedo a paedo.

But not to worry, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson are trying to ram through facial recognition, GM food, and tasers to all police as if everyone consents and no-one notices.

This is a golden age for propaganda. The BBC is an utterly out of control fascist corporatist machine. It is conducting psy-ops via iPlayer on a gargantuan scale. It has learned much from Savile.


I am trying to get them to hand over the Future of Farming GM reports that they did on Breakfast tv last week.

You would think I was Julian Assange angling for a Royal Family Incest tape featuring Charles, Andrew, Mountbatten and one of the gardeners.

The GM issue is live and they won’t permit debate.

On Saturday they were getting everyone ready for all Police to have Tasers. Don’t they realise that proper criminals will get tasers too?

I emailed the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) about the FBI allegations that Lord Mountbatten (ex Viceroy of India, Prince Phillip’s uncle, mentor to Charles, member of the Lords and former head of UK Armed Forces) was a paedophile who visited the Northern Irish children’s home Kincora for sex with young boys.

They refused to commit.

I asked them about BBC reports that paedophiles operate with impunity right now because of staff shortages on the Forensics side at Sexual Assault Referral Centres.

They refused to commit.

I asked about Epstein related paedophila.

They refused to commit.

Boris is getting what he wants. Paedophiles operate with impunity and privatisation marches on. The Amazon forest burns, he gaslights with his Tory PR bit of stuff and very soon will have successfully lobbied for Evening Standard Editor and former Tory Chancellor, George Osborne, to be named head of the IMF (with Donald Trump’s help).

Bolsonaro, Netanyahu and Johnson are all friends with Trump.

This country has been subjected to a full on Nazi Coup.

Boris is being openly Vichy-like with no-one better to serve up the medicine that Priti Patel and Sajid Javid.

Good luck, UK.


Et le Fudge Toxique, ça va mieux, ma cherie?

Bah ouiash, mon gars. Toutes des putes. Tu vois? Et si non? Qui est a l’appareil? Hein? Moi je vois pas du tout pourquoi les résultats de les elections de l’été 2022 seront beaucoup plus mieux que celles de 2017.

Mais bon. Il le faut. Poisoner les concurrents. Normale. Et si non?


Oliver’s Army … Here to Stay

The BBC portray Oliver Letwin as a ‘Tory Rebel’ simply because he says he opposes a No Deal Brexit.

The BBC propaganda machine struggles with nuance.

Sir Oliver is an Etonian, just like Kwasi Kwarteng, Rees Mogg, Jo, & Boris (The White Kwasi) Kemal “Johnson”.

A passionately pro-privatisation man — does anyone believe Letwin would prefer Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister over a No Deal Brexit?

When I saw Letwin speak at a local Tory meeting in 2016 I got the impression he was actually a very nice man, despite being the Evil Tory mastermind of all things UK NHS Asset Strip.

But evil smiles.

Elvis Costello’s 1979 tune Oliver’s Army is apparently about the troubles in Northern Ireland.

It uses the N word. In a self disempowering sort of way.

In his autobiography Hearts and Minds, Letwin says he wa sin his parents kitchen in his early twenties where he came upon Keith Joseph who asked him if he’d like to work for him.

Letwin said yes and became a Special Adviser to the Department of Education.

Some might call this Nepotism. But it’s standard fare in Crony Capitalist UK where Nepotism and Meritocracy are both the same.

Eugenics, Baby.


A Paedophile’s Principles

David Aaronovitch sticks up for Harvey Proctor

Perhaps it’s because he works for (crime) bosses Rebekah Brooks, John Witherow, & Rupert Murdoch that David Aaronovitch propagates quite as he does.

Maybe it’s just co-incidence that he consistently pushes the same views as Rupert Murdoch.

Or could it be that Aaronovitch is a gun for hire who long ago gave up the right to deviate from the family line?

Today’s opinion piece in The Times is singularly one-sided.

Aaronovitch refers to Proctor as a “former Tory MP who bravely went public about the allegations made against him” .

But makes no mention of the fact that uber racist Proctor admitted to beating up under age rent boys. That’s why he is a former Tory MP. Proctor also boasted of holidaying in Tunisia – notorious for the availability of young boys for sex.

Aaronovitch clearly doesn’t care about the suffering of the Child Sexual Abuse survivors whose information was contained in the missing Dickinson files.

He doesn’t mention Dolphin Square or Elm Guest House which is in Zac Goldsmith’s constituency which might explain why he has a more informed view on the matter.

Keith Vaz of course worked at Richmond Council while the alleged Elm Guest House incidents were reputed to have taken place. He shut down an investigation into Keith Janner in the early 90s and was head of the Home Affairs Select Committee when Mark Sedwill answered, on behalf of Theresa May, the questions that needed to be asked about what happened to the files that were given to Brittan.

Sedwill’s comments were openly indifferent as to what had happened to the files. He said he didn’t suspect foul play. Very different to how he behaved when he arranged for Gavin Williamson to be sacked for supposedly leaking the government’s Huawei stance to the Telegraph.

Aaronovitch never mentioned Cyril Smith or David Steel’s reluctance to kick him out of the party for being a paedophile. The Aaronovitch view, like Boris Johnson, appears to be that money spent on investigating Child Sexual Abuse is money spaffed up a wall.

Does he suppose we all believe Savile acted alone? Savile, who was well connected, close to the Tory Party, and a Special Friend of Israel, like Daddy Murdoch.

Though Aaronovitch has a go at the BBC for broadcasting Beech’s allegations, no mention is made of the Head of News at that time.

It was none other than James Harding, the former editor of . . . The Times.

I smell a stitch-up.

Pick an obviously disturbed individual. Give them lots of attention. Then reveal they are lying. And everyone can forget about the original large scale, systemic establishment paedophilia. The Catholic Church have been doing this for hundreds of years. It isn’t new.

It looks to me as though the police co-operated with Murdoch and other agencies to allow a “witch-hunt” to take place to then let it die down.

Jonathan King, the pop svengali who was done for paedophilia, is having a field day. Tweeting away. His bail by the way was put up by Simon Cowell. He is spoken highly of by Rod Liddle.

The Beech case, which should never have got to court, is being used to discredit real victims. And police and health spending cuts today mean that real victims of paedophila often never get justice.

But no worries for Aaronovitch and Tom Watson. Not their problem.

They have their paymasters to please.

Establishment bandwagons to jump on or hijack.

The Krays / Boothby model seems to be the template.

They’ve done it before so they’ll do it again.

But what about Jeffrey Epstein? Things get interesting there. Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine is close to him. Prince Andrew. Trump. God knows who else. Looks like establishment paedophilia again.

They have lots of secrets. And they’re starting to come out. Everyone seems to be blackmailing each other. Things could get interesting.

Roy Cohn (see previous post) worked for Murdoch. And Trump. He died of AIDS in 1986. But they’re both still around. And it looks like they use the same methods. Jared Kushner’s dad does too.

If that means paedophilia, prostitutes, honey traps, kompromat, then that is what it is.

Old school.

And if that is what was used by the Brits in Ireland and elsewhere, then that too.

You can’t change the past. Or the bad habits of today if they’re proven to work.

But for now, we’re being told that all the allegations are false.

Yes, Beech’s allegations may be false.

But that doesn’t mean all these people are innocent.

Also from today’s Times:


Murdoch Mafia Appoints Morgan as Media Minister in Classic McCarthy Manoeuvre

Nicky Morgan, who defended former Chancellor George Osborne becoming the Editor of the Evening Standard on the basis that he would be the voice of Liberal Conservatism, has accepted the position of Media Secretary in what must rank as the most craven Vichy-like government in the UK ever.

Shape-shifter Osborne backed Boris who, in turn, has hired Morgan.

Johnson visited Lebedev for a weekend in Italy in 2018 and refuses to disclose what was discussed.

In this Michael Wolff 2008 Vanity Fair piece, Johnson says of his behaviour toward foreign press barons (click, at the bottom, to page three of the following embedded pdf), “Still, if the owner is someone other than myself, I am ready to be Vichy-like. I am prepared to praise and flatter shamelessly.”

This slavishness to foreign capital will have been honed at Eton — Capital without Borders.


Morgan now rather conveniently oversees George Osborne’s Standard and his employer Lebedev Holdings’s Independent.

Morgan’s appointment comes two years after having defended Osborne’s right to edit the Standard, despite his deregulatory & austerity policies still unfolding – starting with Grenfell.

That’s right, there is simply no non-captured London Newspaper.

The Standard was sold by the Mail to Lebedev around 2009.

And now it has a mystery Saudi Shareholder.

Even the UK Government says the Evening Standard is a tool of the Saudi State.

No wonder the previous Culture and Media Secretary, Jeremy Wright, who was already quite the poodle, had to go.

He ordered a public interest notice into the Saudi Shareholding last month.


The Guardian reported this at the time.

Lebedev (and Osborne) urged the Government not to investigate the new Saudi owners.

Amol Rajan is the BBC’s Media editor. He appears to have something of the corporatist spook about him. Venal.

This is him talking about his ex-boss, Lebedev, selling stakes in the Standard and Independent to the Saudi state.

No-one seemed to notice at the time. But two years later it is being occasionally reported on because the FT looked into it and Wright felt he had to make it look like he wanted to do something.

Incidentally, Wright was Attorney General when Lisa Osofsky was appointed head of the Serious Fraud Office, another poodle organisation.

The Standard printed a puff piece on her a few months ago.


Ofcom Stitch-Up

Ofcom the broadcast regulator is to deliver the verdict on the Saudi owners to Nicky Morgan on August 23rd.

Though Ofcom’s boss, Sharon White, is heading to John Lewis, she will be heading up Ofcom till the end of the year.

White, along with Standard Editor George Osborne & Lord Adonis, attended the Bilderberg Conference in 2017.

Her husband Robert Chote, runs the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), created by George Osborne in 2010 to monitor public spending.

This was originally supposed to be seen as an independent body that signed off on austerity, but was eventually often referred to as the Treasury Poodle.

So it’s all very cosy.

The nepotism is staggering.

And it isn’t concealed, though questions aren’t exactly encouraged.

Loyalty over principle wins every time.

So where are the watchdogs?

What now for truth or justice?

As with Boris Johnson, one of Elias Canetti’s grandparent’s origins were in Turkey.

This morning as I skimmed Canetti’s speech for Hermann Broch’s 50th Birthday in Vienna in 1936, I was struck by the idea that a decent writer ought to be immediate, inexhaustible, universal, in opposition, and to have a special vice.

Could this be the beginning of a Golden Age of journalism?

Or a new McCarthy era in which all signs of socialism or solidarity with all fellow citizens no matter what their age or background is to be frowned upon, and even persecuted?

Keep your eye on developments re: the Kushners and the new film that will be coming out in September about Murdoch and Trump’s old mafia lawyer Roy Cohn.

With the Epstein paedophilia case suddenly coming to light and Tom Watson mainly pushing Labour Anti-Semitism stories while whitewashing all alleged Westminster VIP paedophiles such as Greville Janner, Leon Brittan and the known paedophile Harvey Proctor, the McCarthy Communist witch hunts (which were profoundly anti-semitic) and the Lavender Scare (into homosexuality) seem to be taking place in reverse.

VIP Paedophiles are getting the upper hand and the idea of anti-semitism is being used to pursue anti-racist lefties.


Gangland retribution from Murdoch

Boris is a social liberal now, according to The Sun, who completely ignore the comments he’s made about Muslims, and the many other groups he has offended.

So what is this all about?

Murdoch can get away with anything. The only people who say otherwise are in his pay and lying.

Media Ethics

Judge Brian Leveson just retired. The organisation that was set up to support his work Hacked Off said, at its summer party this week, that it would be focused on regulating social media now.

This means the chance to regulate Murdoch has not been taken so the dominance will continue for a few years still.