Is recent UK Care Home Fraud case similar to multimillion dollar USA fraud perpetrated by Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England?


The following story about overcharging at private care homes appeared on page 2 of yesterday’s Daily Mail:

This story has many similarities to  the US Department of Justice’s investigation into US Health Insurer United Health’s pilfering of the American public purse in its Medicaid programme.

The man who ran the Medicaid programme when UnitedHealth allegedly overcharged the American taxpayer by multimillion dollar was Simon Stevens – current head of NHS England.

According to his LinkedIn Profile, Stevens was :


Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare

Dates Employed2006 – 2009

Employment Duration: 3 yrs

Location: USA

America’s leading seniors health company, with $30 billion revenues and serving one-in-five Medicare beneficiaries nationwide in partnership with AARP – the world’s largest voluntary organization. Launched the largest Medicare Part D benefits plan, also managing the largest Medicare-focused PBM.

If Simon Stevens knew about the fraud case – did he declare it?

And can he be trusted to look after the NHS?

Ex-EU Boss José Manuel Barroso to speak at FT Business of Luxury Conference in Lisbon

Next month former President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso will speak at a Financial Times conference on the Business of Luxury in Lisbon (see bottom of image below).

Barroso’s Lisbon speech will be in stark contrast to his role as Chairman of the UEFA Foundation for Children, designed to help underprivileged kids around the world.

The May speaking engagement is much more in line with his role as Chairman of another organisation — the mega-powerful US Investment Bank for the Ultra Ultra High Net Worth: Goldman Sachs  aka Government Sachs aka the Vampire Squid.

Goldman was first labelled the Vampire Squid, due to their parasitic nature, in this 2010 Matt Taibbi article for Rolling Stone Magazine:

The conflict of interests have not gone unnoticed:

Barroso was severely criticised for joining a bank that had so mercilessly profited  from destabilising the Euro, particularly through its dealings with Greece,  only 20 months after leaving the top job in European politics..

Revolving Door

Tony Blair received some stick for working for JP Morgan after leaving office.

Ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder , who works for Rothschild, was once referred to as a “political prostitute” by US Democrat Congressman Tom Lantos for objecting to the Iraq War but then  taking money off Vladimir Putin.

Euro architect and former ECB Chief Economist Otmar Issing moved to Goldman Sachs in 2006, just months after leaving the ECB.

And Mario Draghi, current head of the European Central Bank was at Goldman while they were making mega profits out of hiding Greece’s debt from the Greek public and from the ECB itself.

Barroso himself argued that as the  minimum 18 months cooling off period had passed he should be allowed to join Goldman.

If times get tough, then maybe the Obamas will head for Wall Street or the British Virgin Islands too.

Meanwhile here’s Barroso  talking about a multi-speed Europe







Telegraph thoroughly defrauds its readers over RBS – again

The Financial Conduct Authority has accused Sunday Telegraph journalists Ben Martin and James Quinn of attempting to launder RBS’s reputation despite several reports by Buzzfeed, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and BBC Newsnight, of RBS’s rampant and widespread criminal behaviour.  

RBS knowingly missappropriated its SME customers’ assets to improve its capital ratio and meet regulatory requirements in what the banks executives themselves referred to as their own ‘dash for cash’.

The Daily Telegraph has form when it comes to lying to its readers. Former chief political correspondent Peter Oborne quit in early 2015 over its unwillingness to report accurately on HSBC fraud.

Martin and Quinn’s piece this morning gives RBS a headline and a platform with which to pretend that the GRG allegations are all false despite overwhelming evidence that RBS knowingly defrauded its SME clients.

The FCA say they are not in  a position to comment on GRG till they publish their findings. 

When that will be remains anyone’s guess.

So we have the ugly prospect of two sets of state employees continuing to score points against each other by withholding and ignoring the truth about their own involvement in withholding and ignoring the truth.

The mind boggles at the unfathomable depths to which these civil servants will plumb in order to prevent justice and transparency and protect the shadiest part of the state’s fraudulent investment portfolio.

Is it morally right to cannibalise your own citizens if you do it via the people’s de facto sovereign wealth fund?

Innocent British businessmen were sold ‘protection’ on loans they took out with the bank but unknown to them the small print stated they were on the wrong side of an unlimited downside spread bet with the bank in which they had unwittingly remortgaged the roofs over their families’ heads.

Given that fraud is the banking industry’s business model all this should not come as a surprise.

Carney Quits

In comes Lord Farage, out goes Governor Carney. 

Carney’s resignation announcement will come just  weeks after Amber ‘Ayatollah’ Rudd announced a migrant crackdown at the 2016 post-Brexit Tory Conference. 

Rudd has since backtracked on plans to force firms to publish lists of migrant workers.

It was joked at the time that Rudd would be personally accompanying the border agency for its dawn raids on Threadneedle Street.

The government is currently in disarray over its post Brexit plans with May and Rudd keen to out-Brexit the Brexiteers on xenophobia.

Chancellor Hammond is the only one who is sticking to his guns about making the economy work but has his work cut out convincing May and Rudd to ease up on Carney and on their crusade to make life as uncomfortable for foreign workers and their employers as possible.

Not since 2001 have the Tories been in such disarray. 

It is unfortunate that their friends in the media are doing so much to shield them from paying for the consequences of their actions. 

The political journalists that allow the Tories to get away this are committing treason. 

They should be held to account. 

Contra-Radical Guardian 

So much contradiction

Black lives matter

Nice bit of pigment at the start!

Feels like Black Lives finally Matter

But all lives matter at the Guardian!

Beyoncé’s name’s also on the front – Zadie Smith’s written about her.

A whole range of pigment going on.

We start with the Smiths.

Morrissey, their singer, loves pigment – but just not in humans.

The editor of Vogue gives us her fashion rules.

Great for us Smiths-loving Beyoncé fans.

Hillary & FBI

Hillary’s in trouble for private email usage.

She’s being reinvestigated by the FBI.

I love the caption under the Hillary photo:

‘New emails have been found by the FBI, which the agency is reviewing.

Clinton’s aides are demanding more details of the discovery’.


Where’s the story?

Takes a special skill to say something without really saying anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Hillary could be more evil than your average former first lady.

But even by UK standards, this is a storm in a teacup.

Show me the dirt already!

The headline says ‘Clinton rocked as FBI renews email inquiry’.

But nothing substantial in the story. Really. Nothing .

Could this lose Hillary the race?

The election’s 11 days away.

I haven’t checked the other papers  but it looks like this is a global push to introduce new doubt into Clinton’s candidacy.

John Podesta’s name’s mentioned.

He’s Hillary’s campaign chairman.

I saw his name earlier this week.

Capitalist Democrat ‘Greens’

A pro-fossil fuel activist sent me a story about how the green movement bullies anyone who disagrees with them.

Podesta is that kind of Green.

Forcing everyone to go green so that he can get paid.

Much as Wall Street and the City of London see mis-selling as the business model.

I must say I’ve come across some nutters in the green movement.

I’m sure they’d say the same about me — many were intolerant of debate.

It’s no surprise these types of greens are heading up Hillary’s campaign.

Al Gore is their most prominent member.

Even ten years ago, he was reputed to be making so much money he simply couldn’t afford to run for President.

The capitalist Greens’ sense of entitlement is rivalled only by that of their rivals, the sceptics / deniers like Lord Matt Ridley, who writes for the Times.

Ridley got quite angry this week when I told him that I heard he regularly spikes stories and has headlines changed at the Times to push his ‘hard pollution’ agenda.

After asking me where I’d heard all this (the public domain), and setting his climate-sceptic twitter attack dogs on me, he sent me a link about John Podesta.

To be fair to Ridley he denies being a denier.

Ridley & Murdoch

He says he recognises warming is caused by CO2.

But he doesn’t think this warming is particularly significant.

One of his buddies sent me a video in which Ridley, an Eton-educated hereditary peer, claims burning fossil fuel produces the CO2 which we desperately need to save the planet.

I am not joking.

This happened just a few hours after hearing him deny being a denier.

I was even told that the term climate denier has now been outlawed by Associated Press.

Like a homophobic, sexist, or racist epithet — or even because of its similarity to the term holocaust denial.

A non denier’s denial

The presenter in the following clip forgets to tell America about Ridley being a Tory Lord with substantial interests in fossil fuels.

He refers to him as a science journalist.

Ridley comes in at 9 minutes 30.

That’s right, according to Ridley, just as in John Stauber’s classic 1994 book on PR, “Toxic Sludge is Good For You!!!”, we should be burning more fossil fuels if we are serious about surviving as a species.

When views like these are circulated by  Times columnists and Lords, it is no wonder we are heading straight to armageddon.

(Clarification: Ridley was not ‘awarded’ his title – he is a hereditary peer.)

Another Tory Peer and Times columnist, Lord Finkelstein, usually manages to sound quite sensible on most things but even he told me that Ridley is not a denier:

How confusing.

It’s true that the Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has backed Brexit and UKIP in his Sun Newspaper, and done more than any other press baron to bring about the rise of the American Tea Party which has led to Donald Trump.

Should it be a surprise that we are on the road to Armageddon?

Given his animosity toward Podesta and climate ‘alarmists’, it’s obvious that Ridley, like Murdoch, is a Donald Trump and Brexit man.

Knowing that people like this are running opinion forming publications and shaping key legislation, even a child would spot the undemocratic factors that bring megalomaniacs like Trump to power.

We are being run by a suicidal death cult who are quite prepared to take the entire planet under.

In the Mahabharatha the new King Yudhithistra was persuaded to bet the entire kingdom on a rigged game of dice.

The likes of Trump, Murdoch and Ridley have decided that they too will take us under.

Who knows why?

An unresolved sense of inadequacy?

Uber ‘workers’

Next to the Hillary article is a piece on how ‘self employed’ Uber drivers are now ‘workers’ under UK employment law.

Are the Guardian right behind the Uber drivers in their fight for regulation in a deregulated precarious industry?

Or campaigning against the entire Uber business model which pits Black Cab drivers, in London, who have spent 3-4 years studying ‘the Knowledge’ to know their way around London’s streets, against increasingly underemployed deregulated Uber drivers.

The climate angle of having more drivers on the road remains unexplored.

As do the employment implications of driverless cars.

Instead this Guardian story focuses exclusively on employment law.



The bottom of the page contains a Greenpeace fundraising advert.

‘Be coldhearted.’

Encouraging Guardian readers to leave Greenpeace money in their wills.

Not for the first time.

Cutting family out of wills in favour of NGOs and polar bears sounds like a radical left wing  increased wealth tax.

As a trust themselves, the Guardian owe their existence to private wealth.

The back cover of the paper features an advert for a Peugeot SUV.

The SUV is aptly driving through a rather large puddle.

‘CONTROL BUILT IN’ reads the slogan.

As the SUV leaves the back page puddle behind, it is about to smash into the ‘Be cold hearted.’ Greenpeace slogan over on the front page.

(When fully spread out and at ease, just as in politics and banking, the back and front become the left and right, and sit quite comfortably next to each other, agreeing on far more than on what they disagree.)

And then it will career into the Polar Bear itself.

Red gas guzzling French SUV sponsored by Total, another oil company, murders cuddly innocent furry white polar bear.

Shocking stuff.

Like the way Trump has successfully attacked Hillary from the left.

CONTROL BUILT IN vs Be coldhearted.

‘Be controlled by the viagra-popping driverless racist rapist Trump / Clinton machine!’

Greenpeace on the front and Total on the back.

Says it all.

You can’t escape the logic of the game – however creative your imagination.

The Guardian continues to walk the line between climate denial and warmongering ‘green’ colonialism.