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“Kingmakers” — 160,000 of dem
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“Kingmakers” — 160,000 of dem

The Language of Propaganda & Manipulation

Check out the bastardised use of “kingmakers” below.

This from Wiki:

This from the Tory Party website. Kofi aptly means Friday in Ghana.

More from Wiki. Maybe the Tories and the Times have point:

From West Africa to the West of England

Arms sales were declared illegal in a UK court yesterday, but look how the Times reports it, no mention of illegality or complicity in war crimes.

In the adjacent story the only reason Saudi are being forced to withdraw from Yemen is British shareholders can no longer profit from killing Yemeni kids.

Explo Nani Kofi

We leave the final word to the Real Kingmaker – Explo – Nani – Kofi

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