Tory Plot to Kill Satire

Misogynist Women & Equalities Select Committee Chair backs Misogynist Tory Candidate for PM

Satire’s Golden Age flipped & morphed into moral vacuum.

We ain’t in Kansas any more.

Shit be Super-dooper-wide & Hades-deep.

What chance do Future Historians stand of gauging corruption à la 2019?

If social science nearly broke when Wilhelm Reich spoke of measurable units of sexual energy, how will it react to the idea of quantifying and qualifying UK corruption?

I hereby name the Euclidean axiomatic unit & founding principle underlying all future building blocks of corruption The Tory!

But such a term would underplay the sheer scale of the dispersion of corruption & thereby limit its scope.

We must confront our own psychopathy if we are to save each other from our selves.

Bumping into other people bumping into you.

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