French SANOFI to give new Vaccine to AMERICA FIRST

French Pharma giant SANOFI will give the first doses of its new coronavirus vaccine to patients in the US according to its CEO.

This is because the US helped fund the vaccine’s development.

But Sanofi is a French firm and many of the scientists who work there were educated at French universities with money that was paid in by French taxpayers.

French politicians have lined up to say the vaccine should be distributed fairly around the world.

Will Bill Gates step in and resolve the situation?

President Trump has created a task force called Operation Warp Speed to stimulate the pharma industry, the government and the military in the hunt for a vaccine.

In the comment section of the business press there is a view that France did not invest in the vaccine so it should not complain about fair access.

Others are saying that of all the stimulus money that has been handed out in the last few weeks, surely some can be used to pay for the vaccine.

The fact that the US has taken the risk is justification for many that US gets priority access.

But as the US has the Federal Reserve, deep and liquid stock markets, and a huge Government budget, does this mean that America will always have priority access to new drugs?

And look at the US death rates for corona virus.

They are capitalising on the vaccine but death rates are enormous.

The regulatory framework in the US is more favourable for vaccine manufacturers as, since 1986, they cannot be prosecuted for harm.

Once favourable data has been collected, Sanofi could then market the vaccine in Europe and the rest of the world.

The firm in question SANOFI are not exactly angels either.

Their epilepsy drug sodium valproate was prescribed to women of child bearing age for many years and has caused enormous abnormalities in many of these women’s children.

Though SANOFI are being investigated by French prosecutors and Abbott, the US firm that manufactured the same drug, have been sued in the US — in the UK mothers and families affected by SANOFI’s valproate still await justice.

Many have been denied legal aid because the Legal Aid Agency decided they didn’t stand a high enough chance of winning their case.

A review is being conducted into drugs and medical devices by Baroness Cumberlege.

These include sodium valproate, primodos and vaginal / surgical mesh devices.

Cumberlege is a former Tory Health Minister and was appointed to head the review by then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

This is the evidence that was given by Emma Friedmann of FACSaware.

WARNING: this evidence is well presented but very disturbing.

Big pharma have enormous influence in Parliament and in Washington DC.

Let us see if they can do the right thing – when encouraged.


Nepotism trumps Feminism at the Bank of England

If you want to know what makes Britain tick, take a look at the Bank of England.

Interlocking directorships and the Old Boy Network still dominate public life as its recent appointment of Charlotte Hogg reveals.

But few media commentators ever refer to this as a problem. In a recent book – Trust, Power and Public Relations in Financial Markets, Dr Clea Bourne – refers to ‘organised silence’.

Charlotte ‘I wrote the rulebook’ Hogg

Charlotte Hogg, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England (BoE), was appointed the Bank’s Chief Operating Officer in 2013 but never, despite being asked about potential conflicts of interest, disclosed that her brother is a Barclays director.

When she appeared in front of the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) to discuss her recent promotion Hogg said she was well aware of the Bank’s code of conduct — quite apt given she wrote it.

You’d think the daughter of two members of the House of Lords might have more respect for protocol.

It turns out that Hogg’s brother, Quintin, is the least interesting member of the family.

Charlotte Hogg’s mum Sarah Hogg aka Viscountess Hailsham was head of John Major’s Policy Unit in the 1990s — where the controversial Private Finance Initiative (PFI) that has virtually bankrupted the NHS was pioneered.

Sarah Hogg then wrote a book about the Major Years with David Cameron’s recent EU Finance Commissioner & PR Man Jonathan Hill.

Drain the Moat

Charlotte Hogg’s father Douglas Hogg aka Lord Hailsham was himself a Cabinet Minister as well as MP to Mrs Thatcher’s home town of Grantham.

Douglas Hogg was also one of the most prominent offenders in the 2009 parliamentary expenses scandal.

He charged the  British taxpayer upwards of £2000 to clean the moat of his country estate.

Grantham Uncut

Incidentally Grantham’s Hospital’s 24 hour A&E department service was severely reduced in August due to staffing problems at neighbouring hospitals.

Ultra Nepotist Lectures Diversity

Charlotte’s mother Sarah Hogg joined the Financial Conduct Authority board in April 2016

Here she is speaking at a Business Department Select Committee on Executive Pay and Diversity in the Boardroom.

She opens by stating that she is a member of the Takeover Panel, Lead Independent Director of HM Treasury and a non executive director of John Lewis Partnership (since 2011).

Is it right for public institutions in a so called democracy to be run by such a tiny clique?

I wonder what HSBCFraud whistleblower Nicholas Wilson has to say about these FCA, Bank of England, Treasury, and John Lewis connections?

After all John Lewis Partnership Credit Cards are run by HSBC and they’ve made a lot of money defrauding their customers.

According to her CV, Charlotte Hogg was also on the board of BBC Worldwide from 2010 to 2013.

From 2002 to 2010 Sarah Hogg was Chairman of 3i, the Bank of England founded private equity firm that bought Barclays’ highly lucrative PFI Infrastructure business in 2013.

But Barclays and 3i were already collaborating on University PFI projects under Sarah Hogg’s 3i Chairmanship.

Hogg was able to draw on the knowledge and contacts she had built up when pioneering PFI at John Major’s Policy Unit.

Their joint venture eventually became University Partnerships Programme (UPP) — now known to be rip off merchants who market and lobby for increased student debt under the guise of enhanced choice and high quality student experience :

It turns out that Hogg was first recruited for the Chief Operating Officer role at the Bank of England by Virginia Bottomley’s headhunting firm.

Former Health Minister Bottomley is current Health Minster Jeremy Hunt’s Aunt.

So there you are. A very brief tour of the Hogg’s interests.

Below are a few more articles about Charlotte Hogg.

Guardian Piece from 2013 on Charlotte Hogg’s Connections


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