Paedo Brino ( Breitbart Remix )

British politics is simply dominated by Paedophiles. Twas ever thus.

Today’s General Election proves that.

Winners by a clear margin were Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Mandelson, Harvey Proctor, Enoch Powell, & arch-enabler Theresa Villiers.

Villiers as pointed out here three weeks ago in Gagged in Golders was the Northern Ireland Secretary in 2015 who shut down the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry into high level Military & state backed paedophila at Northern Irish Kincora childrens home involving paedophile Lord Mountbatten, who himself introduced prolific establishment paedophile Jimmy Savile to that esteemed friend of paedophiles — Prince Charles.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have been completely excluded from the current Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in which Prince Charles’ name has been mentioned and whose own letters supporting and vouching for prolific paedophiles appear in evidence.

Kincora documents are off limits till 2085.

It’s no wonder the Tories poured many of their efforts into getting Theresa Villiers re-elected in Barnet. She has all the dirt. Whenever you see her on TV it is crucial to remind yourself of the VIP paedophile kompromat game.

Mrs Thatcher herself helped cover-up Kincora when the information was first published in the newspapers in 1983. But even she would be a stranger to today’s Tory Party.

Sam Tarry won in Ilford for Labour against Mike Gapes. I’ve had some indirect contact with Tarry in the past — not a nice man.

Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Guido Fawkes, Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, Katy Hopkins all got what they wanted.

The enormous dissent tracking psychological operation that is Twitter certainly delivered for the Tories.

Twitter’s head of strategy and policy Nick Pickles was once a member of the Hard-Right Young Briton’s Foundation, flatmates with Conservative Home Editor & thug Mark Wallace, and a Conservative Candidate in 2010.

What will the EU & ECB do to UK now? Will Britain be included in EU Single Army via the Backdoor and will the ECB QE multi trillion debt somehow get parcelled up and held by the UK?

As Keynes said at the beginning of The Economic Consequences of the Peace from 1919:

Brexit negotiations are a completely different stitch-up to what happened in Versailles in 1919. The Germans then limped off feeling hard done by. Not possible today. The outcome of the Second World War and years of EU integration has left transnational capital perfectly placed to reimpose restrictions on movement, thought, behaviour, & free expression.

Brits and Yanks act like ‘we won the war’ .

But now that the state and its public services are being dismantled to drive profits, patronage and financialisation, things are starting to look a little different to how they once may have seemed.

For me the hope was that Labour won the election, Britain leave the EU and set an example for how to invest in a country and its people. Will the Tory investment plans ever materialise?

Or is the transnational power game still the only game in town?

“Boris” Kemal “Johnson” is a Brussels man. And whatever plan he is handed he will execute. The newspapers yesterday gave clear instructions that their readers should all vote Tory. So this is what happened.

Anyone who points this out signs an oath to a life at the margins.


“Let them Eat Fake” : Sheikh Evgeny Lebedev & Paedo BRINO

Billionaire Defence League (BDL)

They’ve set out their stall for the Defence of Billionaires,

which their owners just happen to be,

So the Economist is really no different to Trump

Not something they want you to say

With Amol at the Beeb, Gideon on the books,

And Sarah Sands at Radio Four,

Evgeny decides what goes on in the UK

Kleptocratic Kremliminal Kontrol

Who wants to be a Billionaire?

The Economist argues billionaires are a sign of healthy capitalism.

George Osborne sits on the advisory board of The Economist’s major shareholder — Exor.

The Economist says the place where reform is needed is in intellectual property.

They cite George Lucas selling Lucas Film for $4 billion 40 years after Star Wars as the most compelling flaw in the economic system.

Osborne’s name appears in the credits for the Star Wars Film Force Awakens – he gave it tax relief.

But no mention of Industrial Scale Tax Avoidance, Lobbying, Rise of Political Lying, Censorship, Competition Policy, Billionaire Owned-Press or Highly Securitised Social Media.

Billionaires are better CEOs, according to the latest figures.

The FT’s Wealth Correspondent Stefan Wagstyl quotes the head of the ultra high net worth unit at UBS:

But this is just puff

Here’s the original press release:


And the actual report:


There seems to be a real selling of philanthrocapitalism here.

The same philosophy that wants to get rid of the state entirely and allow the ultra-wealthy to choose who lives and who dies.

In Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire he outlined how the Tea Party used left wing iconography to promote Billionaire Republican interests.

They attacked Obama from the Left. A strategy Donald Trump perfected against Hilary Clinton.

With Jeffrey Epstein hanging out with Peter Mandelson, you have to wonder where all of this could go.

Mandelson and Osborne were both famously close to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian aluminium oligarch.

And guess what,