Paedo Brino ( Breitbart Remix )

British politics is simply dominated by Paedophiles. Twas ever thus.

Today’s General Election proves that.

Winners by a clear margin were Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Mandelson, Harvey Proctor, Enoch Powell, & arch-enabler Theresa Villiers.

Villiers as pointed out here three weeks ago in Gagged in Golders was the Northern Ireland Secretary in 2015 who shut down the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry into high level Military & state backed paedophila at Northern Irish Kincora childrens home involving paedophile Lord Mountbatten, who himself introduced prolific establishment paedophile Jimmy Savile to that esteemed friend of paedophiles — Prince Charles.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have been completely excluded from the current Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in which Prince Charles’ name has been mentioned and whose own letters supporting and vouching for prolific paedophiles appear in evidence.

Kincora documents are off limits till 2085.

It’s no wonder the Tories poured many of their efforts into getting Theresa Villiers re-elected in Barnet. She has all the dirt. Whenever you see her on TV it is crucial to remind yourself of the VIP paedophile kompromat game.

Mrs Thatcher herself helped cover-up Kincora when the information was first published in the newspapers in 1983. But even she would be a stranger to today’s Tory Party.

Sam Tarry won in Ilford for Labour against Mike Gapes. I’ve had some indirect contact with Tarry in the past — not a nice man.

Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Guido Fawkes, Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, Katy Hopkins all got what they wanted.

The enormous dissent tracking psychological operation that is Twitter certainly delivered for the Tories.

Twitter’s head of strategy and policy Nick Pickles was once a member of the Hard-Right Young Briton’s Foundation, flatmates with Conservative Home Editor & thug Mark Wallace, and a Conservative Candidate in 2010.

What will the EU & ECB do to UK now? Will Britain be included in EU Single Army via the Backdoor and will the ECB QE multi trillion debt somehow get parcelled up and held by the UK?

As Keynes said at the beginning of The Economic Consequences of the Peace from 1919:

Brexit negotiations are a completely different stitch-up to what happened in Versailles in 1919. The Germans then limped off feeling hard done by. Not possible today. The outcome of the Second World War and years of EU integration has left transnational capital perfectly placed to reimpose restrictions on movement, thought, behaviour, & free expression.

Brits and Yanks act like ‘we won the war’ .

But now that the state and its public services are being dismantled to drive profits, patronage and financialisation, things are starting to look a little different to how they once may have seemed.

For me the hope was that Labour won the election, Britain leave the EU and set an example for how to invest in a country and its people. Will the Tory investment plans ever materialise?

Or is the transnational power game still the only game in town?

“Boris” Kemal “Johnson” is a Brussels man. And whatever plan he is handed he will execute. The newspapers yesterday gave clear instructions that their readers should all vote Tory. So this is what happened.

Anyone who points this out signs an oath to a life at the margins.


Who gives Jews a Bad Name?

Monday’s Sun ran with Pro-Israel Maureen Lipman’s declaration that Jeremy Corbyn has turned her into a Tory.

Lipman’s loyalty to Israel is no secret — she renounced Labour membership under Ed Miliband.

The Sun might seem to speak up for Jews but, in the case of Ed Miliband, the son of Ralph Miliband, a prominent Socialist, they made a significant exception.

likewise with Jewdas:

Senior Academics say:

Mummy, What’s a Bad Jew?

Another Jewdas video:

Bored of the Jewdas after 90 seconds, I didn’t understand why they flyered outside a Gilad Atzmon concert when they could just as easily chat to him over a nice cup of English Breakfast.

But there’s nothing illegal about what they did. Nothing bad.

I’m more interested in Gilad Atzmon. He’s caused way more of a fuss. Here he is on RT.

Atzmon’s upset people. He served in the Israeli Army, became a Jazz musician, and renounced his Israeli citizenship. Most significantly of all, Atzmon has written books which have seen him accused of holocaust denial.

Dissent is good and free societies should allow people to make up their minds for themselves.

If Jewdas want to call Atzmon an anti-semite, good for them. If Galloway wants to praise him, go-ahead.

And if the Sun want to call them all anti-semites, so what?

Atzmon’s wiki says many accuse him of holocaust denial. I find this hard to believe, but I haven’t read his work.

Salman Rushdie achieved similar notoriety, but on a grander scale. His Midnight’s Children is amazing but I find him an insufferable bore. His friendship with Bono hasn’t helped.

Back to The Sun

Despite their accusations of Corbyn’s anti-semitism, The Sun are equally happy to blast anti-capitalist anti-zionist “bad Jews” such as Jewdas.

But they are equally happy to go for Jewish businessmen.

The language and imagery used to describe Nat Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska and Peter Mandelson in Monday’s Sun is positively conspiratorial.

Once you start throwing the word Rothschild about you are opening yourself up to charges of antisemitism. Tone and imagery give you away.

In the case of Mandelson, Osborne, Rothschild and Deripaska, I assume the story is completely true but they should have been more restrained.

But how could they resist? Who doesn’t love a bit of conspiracy?

Speaking of which, why is Farage linking Assange? And why is a guy from LBC Radio accompanying Farage? James O’Brien, also of LBC (but a Rampant anti-Corbyn Remainer) defended Farage’s LBC colleague as being “all right”. Not good, I’m afraid. What happened?

The Roseanne Show

Roseanne Barr is a comedienne I’ve always had time for.

She interviewed Donald Trump many years ago and asked him about running for President.

Now that her old TV show is back on she is enjoying a resurgence.

She has switched from running for the Green Party and promoting marijuana to staunch supporter of Israel and, amazingly, of Donald Trump.

Speaking of better days, here’s Maureen Lipman’s advert for the former state asset, BT.

Nick Griffin of the far right BNP has just come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn – not for his economics but for his Syria policies.

Funny that because the Daily Mail’s recent economics line has been closer to vote-winning Labour Policies than any other periodical except the Morning Star. If anything, the Mail are louder.

Corbyn and the Mail are against the GKN Melrose takeover, both favour saving the Open University and both criticise tax avoidance and privatised utilities such as water and electricity.

I mentioned the Mail’s bizarre economics and politics in the Amusing Ourselves to Death podcast on Real Media last Friday:

Given that Assange is working with Farage, Nick Griffin supporting the Labour Party is a real wakeup call.

The Fascist Daily Mail are already copying Labour’s economics of intervention.

The Government now advocate economic intervention in markets and psychological intervention in the job centre!

John Major famously declared he wanted to turn Britain into a classless society. Letwin called it Social Market Economics and contrasted it with Corbyn and McDonnell’s Crypto-Marxism. As opposed to Crypto-fascism, which is where we are going.

Are we now reaping the rewards?

On the subject of BNP style monopolisation of white working class, my colleague Kam Sandhu just wrote Working Class in Britain? You must be White.

Adam Curtis often talks about Vladimir Putin’s PR guy, Surkov.

He puts out the truth but also funds opposition parties and generally promotes organised confusion.

Looks like he has decided to enter and disrupt the UK market.

And in that sense he has won.

With so many agenda and so many players it is almost impossible to know who is doing what and why.

Murdoch is very powerful and anti-Russian, but the Tories have taken so much money from Russians and got so deeply involved with them that it is difficult to know when they are serious about dealing with Russia and when they are simply lining their own pockets.

Under the Tsar, a desperate Russia produced The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – which people fall for even today.

Sadly it looks like disinformation is back, the more I look into it the more I realise it never went away.