Gagged in Golders — Tories Swinging Low in Finchley

Local girl Luciana Berger’s Lib Dem campaign in Finchley and Golders Green appears to have hit a snag.

Shunned by Synagogues

London Conversation has learned that a faction within that Jewish community has told Finchley’s Conservative Synagogues to back Tory MP Mike Freer.

Hindu Block Vote

Similar behaviour is alleged to be taking place in British Hindu communities.

Gay Friend of Israel

A former Remainer, Mike Freer, used to run Barnet Council, is staunchly pro-Israel, and has turned his back on his liberal views to become one of Boris Johnson’s Whips (hardline enforcer of party discipline).

The North London Pinochet

Full disclosure: This author frequently refers to Mike Freer as the Augusto Pinochet of North London due to the shock therapy neo-liberal economic experiments Freer has subjected the residents of Barnet to, particularly the outsourcing of many of the Council’s Functions to Capita in what became known as the One Barnet / Easy Council policy.

The Anti-Female Female

With Conservative Synagogues behind him, Mike Freer is happy for Berger to be denounced as anti-female due to her signing up to the Lib Dem manifesto which includes pledges about Trans Rights.

The Logic

For truth lovers this strategy is wrongheaded in many ways.

He’s not Anti-Trans

First of all Freer is an openly gay man who is not known for his anti-trans views.

Tories love Paedos

The Tory record on paedophilia in general and Westminster VIP sex abuse in particular is hardly one in which they have covered themselves in glory.

Thatcher & Savile

Margaret Thatcher, who represented the Finchley and Golders Green constituency from 1959 to 1992, was on very good terms with BBC stalwart Jimmy Savile who is now known to have been easily as prolific and organised in his approach to blackmail, influence, & paedophilia as that other friend of the British Establishment – Jeffrey Epstein.

Establishment Paedophilia

That Savile operated with impunity throughout his life is testament to the protection he received.

Savile’s connections to the establishment ran deep – including the Royal Family, The Military, The NHS and Northern Ireland.

Savile was introduced to Prince Charles by Prince Phillip’s favourite Uncle — Lord Louis Mountbatten.

In 1966 Lord Mountbatten, then Commandant General, arranged for Jimmy Savile to be the first civilian to be awarded a Royal Marines’ green beret.

Mountbatten was murdered off the coast of Ireland by the IRA in 1974.

Kincora Children’s Home

He was known to frequent Kincora, a Northern Irish children’s home, where he habitually raped vulnerable teenage boys.

Theresa May ensured Kincora would not be investigated in the ongoing Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse because she was unwilling for the truth about rampant MI6, Military and Royal Family paedophilia to surface on her watch.

Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers, another Brexiteer and former Northern Ireland Secretary, is the Tory MP for the neighbouring constituency: Chipping Barnet.

She shut down the investigation into Kincora:

Thus the shadow of establishment paedophilia & anti-semitism has fallen upon this campaign.

Mike Freer

Mike Freer like everyone else in this story claims to be a huge Thatcher fan.

In the following 2013 video following her death Freer claims Mrs Thatcher’s views on international diplomacy were an influence.

This was obviously when he was still a Remainer.

Freer appears to also be a huge pragmatist

Rather than sticking to his principles and falling on his sword following Remain’s failure to win the referendum, Freer has shown himself willing to get in bed with anyone, from Boris Johnson to the bigoted racist, homophobic, misogynist DUP.

Misogyny without Borders

In the following image, prolific left wing Broken Barnet Blogger aka Mrs Angry revealed that in June this year Mike Freer invited the racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-Trans, far-right Arlene Foster to Margaret Thatcher’s former constituency office.

In the photo is Conservative Female Councillor Jennifer Grocock whose Brexit credentials and taste in bedfellows couldn’t be clearer.

Revolt & Reform

Liberal Jews in Finchley and Golders Green are leaving the Tory Party and campaigning for Luciana Berger to become their MP.

But will the Conservative narrative, that Gay Male Flip-Flopper Mike Freer is the one whom Jews can trust really defeat the homecoming of a Finchley Girl and (unwilling) national antisemitism spokesperson?

Ring My Bell

One thing’s for sure in all this — the Conservatives are looking pretty jittery next door:


Ursula Von der Leyen’s gender balanced pro-war pro-austerity European Commission

Taken from Bloomberg Brussels

Project Pangloss

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is signing up to “feed the five thousand” magical thinking Brexit #leapoffaith.

Far right Tory Andrew Bridgen castigated the Archbishop for wanting to call citizens assemblies to sort out Brexit.

But I think former oil exec turned man of the cloth Justin Welby just wanted to steal a bit of Boris and Greta’s thunder.

How many kids has he buggered and killed in person and via proxy?

Ian from Canberra suggests the figure could be as low as 42.

Daily Mail promoting the idea that only foreigners get perks in prison.

I should that say pokes?

But this was banned as it affected UK competition law (Enough of that).

Paxo blissfully unaware of the media and especially Newsnight’s role in all this.

Gove: A million to one chance things will go wrong

From Startup to Stasi

Brit to run human rights violating too big to jail Pharma firm

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Check out Clive’s case. It’s shocking!

Sajid’s Splurge

Fleece the customer for shareholder value!

Don’t vote, it encourages them


Breaking: Corrupt Money Launderers HSBC bankrolled Corrupt Cameron & Corrupt Osborne’s Trips to Davos

Corrupt Money Launderers HSBC bankrolled David Cameron and George Osborne’s trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2009, it has emerged.

The controversial lender lent the gaffe-prone billionaire bookie and former Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer £200 million pounds just a day before the massive Iceland Crisis that wiped billions of pounds off the balance sheets of many UK Local Authorities.

Many of these cash strapped Local Authorities had invested in Iceland because of advice given to them by one of Michael Spencer’s firms — Butlers.

Shortly after getting a £200million bailout from HSBC and narrowly avoiding bankruptcy because of the Iceland debacle (unlike his local authority clients), Spencer donated a million pounds to the Tory party.

It was around this time that Spencer’s holding company IPGL paid for Cameron and Osborne to fly to Davos by private jet.

This revelation is all the more galling given that Cameron and Osborne are known to have shaped regulation to favour HSBC and Spencer’s ICAP and torpedoed investigations into both firms both in the UK and the USA.

Some anti-corruption researchers and campaigners raised this issue with the HSBC board at the Bank’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on Friday but were sidelined.

The Canary have run a piece on the scandal which has received zero pick-up in the mainstream press.

For more info on Spencer read this article by the excellent I am Incorrigible :



Head of NHS England Simon Stevens may be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for defrauding the US taxpayer of hundreds of millions of dollars

Defrauding Families in the UK

The following story about overcharging at private care homes appeared on page 2 of yesterday’s Daily Mail – before the announcement of the ‘snap election’:

Similar Strategy in the US

This story has many similarities to  the US Department of Justice’s investigation into US Health Insurer United Health’s pilfering of the American public purse in its Medicare programme.

Simon Stevens

The man who ran the Medicare programme when UnitedHealth allegedly overcharged the American taxpayer by hundreds of millions of dollars was Simon Stevens – current head of NHS England.

According to his current LinkedIn Profile, Stevens was Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare between 2006 – 2009

His CV goes on to say:

America’s leading seniors health company, with $30 billion revenues and serving one-in-five Medicare beneficiaries nationwide in partnership with AARP – the world’s largest voluntary organization. Launched the largest Medicare Part D benefits plan, also managing the largest Medicare-focused PBM.

Here’s a screenshot from LinkedIn: 


Conflict of Interests

So if Simon Stevens knew about the multimillion dollar fraud cases that took place on his watch – did he  declare or disclose any of this to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, or to NHS England?

It is now in the public interest for all correspondence between Simon Stevens, NHS England and Jeremy Hunt prior to his 2014 appointment to be made public.

Corporate Takeover

Stevens advised the Department of Health and Blair throughout the period when the NHS was using PFI to build hospitals. So he basically aided and abetted the bankruptcy of the NHS and now looks to be finishing off the job.

Election Issue

This ought to be an election issue. I hope Shadow Health secretary John Ashworth raises this conflict of interests during the campaign.

Can such an individual be trusted to look after the NHS?


Video: White America rejects American Values


The American Legislative Exchange Council are in the ascendant. Most Brits don’t even know who they are.

But they hold the real clout around here.

Trump Aide: Japanese Internment Camps are Precedent for a Muslim Registry


White America rejects American Values

Trump voters claim not to be racist but many voted to deport Latinos and target Muslims.

In the following film one educated Trump voter claims rhetoric about rapidly building walls and expelling immigrants is “imprudent” but ultimately in the right direction.



The women claiming not to be racist refer to ‘rugged individualism’, not accepting ‘handouts from the government’ (Universal Healthcare) and sit next to posters promoting guns while talking about having to be ‘on guard’ around people of other races.

The same types of megalomaniac are now running the UK.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence is a member of ALEC, The American Legislative Exchange Council.

They have links in the UK. Liam Fox and Dan Hannan have spoken at their conferences. Dangerous lot.

Most Brits don’t even know who they are. But they hold the real clout around here.

Speaking of ALEC



Disgraced Brexit Cheerleader for PM?

If the UK votes for Brexit, Dr Liam Fox, the disgraced ex-Defence Minister responsible for getting the UK involved in conflict in Libya and Syria before being sacked for Cronyism in 2011, could become Prime Minister.


Is this really happening?

Fox & NHS

Tory Leavers now openly refer to Brexit as being our best chance of saving the NHS from privatisation.

But research has shown that most of them have big money invested in private healthcare firms.

Fox is a well known Thatcherite along with his colleagues John Redwood, John Whittingdale, and Oliver ‘Privatising the World’ Letwin.

Brexit & TTIP

TTIP is bad for the NHS as it is designed to open it up to US Health Insurance firms.

And the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission are heavily captured by the City of London Corporation. Liam Fox is right to say that it doesn’t look as though they will change path.

But it would be very dangerous to put the Brexit camp in charge of the country.

The fact that Fox thinks the City of London Corporation and the EU are not Neo-Liberal enough is a fair sign of what he has planned for the NHS.

Attempting to reform the undemocratic EU from within will be hard – but much easier than negotiating with Fox.