German firms get more than half EU state aid

This is an ok piece by Daniel Boffey. But it’s a crap headline. Makes you want to turn the page.

The piece is in response to Ursula Von Der Leyen’s speech in Brussels yesterday.

Much of the info should have been all over the papers throughout the last few weeks already.

Especially the last four paragraphs about the dispute over the coronavirus fund.

All the rhetoric coming out of the EU and business press has been for solidarity within the EU.

But allowing Germany to hand a trillion Euros to its firms while watching the other austerity hit economies only hand scraps to theirs means the EU is effectively picking winners.

That’s not solidarity – it’s exactly what the state aid rules are there to prevent.

And when Germany is asked about showing more support to its neighbours it says it is prepared to lend them money but not give out any grants.

So Germany is happy to make a profit lending to its neighbours – the ones it sells to and competes with – but not to actually help them.

It’s like an abusive partner that you can never escape.

Controlling, coercive, but always smiling and telling you that the problem is you.

Mutti und Ursula

ECB Traditional Nazis label all their critics . . . Neo-Nazis

The fascists in charge of the European Central Bank (ECB) are accusing their critics of being fascists.

The same tactics were used during the Brexit debate, when all Brexiteers were labelled racist.

In the UK more recently all Corbyn supporters were also labelled racists.

So there is a pattern emerging.

But now the target is anyone who criticises the European Central Bank.

The ECB have printed trillions of euros to bailout banks and large companies while allowing austerity to continue to destroy most of Europe.

This goes against its own mandate and The Bank has had to make regular changes to the rules it follows to make sure that whatever it does is legal.

But it never really consults anyone about this. The people of Europe, whom this is all done in the name of, are never asked to approve any of these measures.

So the ECB is an undemocratic institution which will call its critics fascists before asking EU citizens if they approve of its policies.

To pretend the ECB is perfect and beyond reproach is dangerous.

Yet that is what the business press is doing.

Do they think nobody will notice?

That this lack of scrutiny will not create further division and resentment?

So the question we are being asked is effectively, do you want to be ruled by traditional Nazis (ECB) or Neo-Nazis (AfD)?

And the ECB answer is, that their own traditional fascism is the only game in town because – it just is.


Paedo Brino ( Breitbart Remix )

British politics is simply dominated by Paedophiles. Twas ever thus.

Today’s General Election proves that.

Winners by a clear margin were Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Mandelson, Harvey Proctor, Enoch Powell, & arch-enabler Theresa Villiers.

Villiers as pointed out here three weeks ago in Gagged in Golders was the Northern Ireland Secretary in 2015 who shut down the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry into high level Military & state backed paedophila at Northern Irish Kincora childrens home involving paedophile Lord Mountbatten, who himself introduced prolific establishment paedophile Jimmy Savile to that esteemed friend of paedophiles — Prince Charles.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have been completely excluded from the current Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in which Prince Charles’ name has been mentioned and whose own letters supporting and vouching for prolific paedophiles appear in evidence.

Kincora documents are off limits till 2085.

It’s no wonder the Tories poured many of their efforts into getting Theresa Villiers re-elected in Barnet. She has all the dirt. Whenever you see her on TV it is crucial to remind yourself of the VIP paedophile kompromat game.

Mrs Thatcher herself helped cover-up Kincora when the information was first published in the newspapers in 1983. But even she would be a stranger to today’s Tory Party.

Sam Tarry won in Ilford for Labour against Mike Gapes. I’ve had some indirect contact with Tarry in the past — not a nice man.

Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Guido Fawkes, Tommy Robinson, Steve Bannon, Katy Hopkins all got what they wanted.

The enormous dissent tracking psychological operation that is Twitter certainly delivered for the Tories.

Twitter’s head of strategy and policy Nick Pickles was once a member of the Hard-Right Young Briton’s Foundation, flatmates with Conservative Home Editor & thug Mark Wallace, and a Conservative Candidate in 2010.

What will the EU & ECB do to UK now? Will Britain be included in EU Single Army via the Backdoor and will the ECB QE multi trillion debt somehow get parcelled up and held by the UK?

As Keynes said at the beginning of The Economic Consequences of the Peace from 1919:

Brexit negotiations are a completely different stitch-up to what happened in Versailles in 1919. The Germans then limped off feeling hard done by. Not possible today. The outcome of the Second World War and years of EU integration has left transnational capital perfectly placed to reimpose restrictions on movement, thought, behaviour, & free expression.

Brits and Yanks act like ‘we won the war’ .

But now that the state and its public services are being dismantled to drive profits, patronage and financialisation, things are starting to look a little different to how they once may have seemed.

For me the hope was that Labour won the election, Britain leave the EU and set an example for how to invest in a country and its people. Will the Tory investment plans ever materialise?

Or is the transnational power game still the only game in town?

“Boris” Kemal “Johnson” is a Brussels man. And whatever plan he is handed he will execute. The newspapers yesterday gave clear instructions that their readers should all vote Tory. So this is what happened.

Anyone who points this out signs an oath to a life at the margins.


Babylon Health, Mass Shootings, Von der Leyen, Facebook, Oborne

London Conversation News Review

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Should political correspondents not scrutinise british politicians?

Who is really behind babylon health?

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