Mega Trans Flip Floppery from Kemal Johnson

If, as the final paragraph of the following Times article states, the direction of UK legislation on the marginal issue of gay conversion therapy is entirely dependant on the whims of an amoral PM, then what does that say about other issues that really matter such as whistleblower protection in the public & private workplace when calling out high risk, discriminatory, or criminal practice?

Downing Street itself now considers it normal to brief that double U turns on legislation can be caused by the Prime Minister’s “change of heart”.

What exactly are the occult forces at play whenever such a change of heart takes place?

Are we talking Carrie Johnson, Russian donors, the Garrick Club, Rupert Murdoch, the Mossad, the Vatican, Brussels, Saudi, China, Arcuri, CIA, “deep state”, Common Purpose, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Palantir, the World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, the City, Property lobby, the Masons, the Countryside Alliance, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, MI6, or Buckingham Palace?

These entities are themselves as conflicted as Kemal Johnson each riven with factions facing a multitude of directions.

Back to the serious issue of conversion therapy, it looks like the Government want to be able to retain the right to prevent children from changing their gender willy nilly.

Cue ambiguous trans flip floppery from transhumanist Kemal Johnson who just opened a speech to Tory donors ridiculing Starmer’s stance on trans issues.

The following four paragraphs are taken from the Huffington Post.

According to Politico, Speaking at London’s Park Plaza hotel, the prime minister began: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, or as Keir Starmer would put it, people who are assigned female or male at birth.”

This jibe at the leader of the opposition followed Starmer’s recent show of support for the trans community, as the Labour leader has repeatedly expressed his view that “trans women are women”.

A few hours later – at around 3am on Wednesday morning – Tory MP Jamie Wallis who went to the same dinner as the prime minister, shared a heartfelt post on Twitter explaining that he were trans “or to be more accurate, I want to be”.

In a subsequent post, Wallis explained that for the time being he will continue to use he/him pronouns, adding: “I remain the same person I was yesterday.”

Lovely Plumage

What a way to behave.

Financial Eyes photographed by Oliver of London Still
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Composer George Lewis at last night’s London Sinfonietta
Alex Paxton, conductor and choir at same event – very Zappa

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