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Working for The Man

A Cup of Ambition

I’m all for solidarity. And if inter-sectionality delivers a more caring society, then great.

But the neo-liberal PR-obsessed NGO-complex MSM takeover reminds of me of something I once heard at school:


Nine to Five

The Girls that he likes are Underage

This photo of the Donald was brought to my attention by Bleg author Kikanju Baku

He’s been onto all things President Trump & Roy Cohn for a while.

These girls ain’t Donald’s daughters.

Samir Ahmed & BBC Culture War

Samira Ahmed has been on broadcast TV and Radio for many years now.

The BBC’s lack of transparency re: decision making has long been a threat not just to this country’s security but to others’ as well

The constant authoritarian asymmetric information warfare on the people eventually takes its toll.

Shame the BBC is such a fascist organisation.

On the bright side, the BBC’s output helps identify the latest asset-stripping fascist corporatist genocidal strategies employed by faceless global government and its multi-headed parasites.

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What Some Businesses are thinking about Brexit…

Financial Times Personal Finance correspondent Claer Barrett was on BBC Breakfast yesterday with Ian Wright of the Food and Drinks Federation.

What types of messages will they deliver?

  1. Does the BBC want them to say there’s nothing to worry about?
  2. Do their colleagues, employers and members expect them to predict nothing but “doom and gloom”
  1. What does Claer say the Government has been saying?
  2. What does Claer think the Government has not been doing?
  3. What are businesses not able to do?
  4. What does Ian Wright from the Food and Drink Federation say about the uncertainty of a No Deal Brexit?
  5. What is Mr Wright’s point about buying a house in two weeks’ time?
  6. What does Mr Wright say about “TTIP“?