Keep your mask on – iPhone facial recognition update lets users unlock in crowds

In this short article Bloomberg emphasise the imminent benefits of being able to unlock your iPhone without taking your mask off

This technological development and the messaging around it tacitly play into the official narrative in several ways.

For Your Eyes Only

For those of us with concerns about civil liberties, it is clear that society’s journey toward digital banking and digital currencies will accompany rising levels of state control over individuals.

When the state wrongfully accuses innocent parties of crimes or infractions that they have not committed the punishments that will be meted out will be increasingly severe with consequences even more far reaching.

Algorithms will talk to each other without our consent and make life changing decisions about our lives based on dubious reasoning and information.

Though the consequences will be sudden, immediate & real, we will rarely get to know exactly who did what, when, where, how, or the various possible factors as to why.

Welcome to the surveillance state.

Pale Blue Eyes

What is truly amazing is the way technocratic private firms like Apple merge with the state to allow users to voluntarily submit and comply with an overall agenda of state control.

This submission is presented as a benefit.

This public relations and marketing operation allows the reward mechanism to be spun as a benefit because uou can now access your own data while complying with mask mandates while on the tube, at work, or in class.

So it’s technophiles who will be at the vanguard of digital security and covid mask wearing delirium. Clever.

They’ll be too busy playing with their toys and obeying big brother to notice nobody has any rights.

But it will be worth it because they’ll have their toys.

This website has referred to the Ionesco play Rhinoceros from the 50s.

In late 2020 it was stated that the vaccine was the ‘Rhinoceros’, the symbol of mimetism, when the crowd copies the crowd. Also known as the sheep effect.

Eyes on the Money

In financial markets risk managers are on the lookout for contagion. When investors start suddenly copying each other you see bubbles and crashes.

This time last week the Economist said markets were due for a correction & earlier this week lots of money duly moved off the stock exchanges.

Just as interest rate changes are said to take a year to eighteen months to fully work their way into the economy, signals in the financial press or social media can trigger immediate jumps or sell offs.

But I’m now more conviced the Rhinoceros is the smart phone, not the vaccine. While you can refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated, it’s much harder not to do real time business online.

As we move to a cashless society, everyone will be expected to pay by phone. Everything will be tracked.

Ultra wealthy corporations, individuals, and criminals will of course continue to operate their own finances in the shadows, in plain sight.

Here’s Looking at You, kid

The new Universal Control feature to allow one password to work across all a user’s Apple devices.

This all feels very Aadhaar. Social credit, social engineering & fin tech profiteering, masquerading as social welfare.

Of course this is accompanied by eugenics and if you don’t like it you are a tinfoil hat wearing backward facing nostalgic superstious witchcraft believing God bothering occultist. The deplatforming will happen on the basis you are anti vax, far right, domestic terrorist or not politically correct.

The powers that be have their own struggles of course. There is resistance and few people buy the papers or trust the government. So not all the messages go out as clean as our overlords would like. See what is happening among the 90% vaccinated truckers in Canada. They’ve had enough and are being supported by various sections of the public.

When megalomaniacal ‘liberals’ play hardball and accuse both Conservatives and the Left of being racist simply for opposing technocratic neo-feudalism they can expect trouble. This appears to be where we are.

Hold tight, we’re in for a bit of a ride.

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  1. John Sweeney says:

    The limit on cash transactions by card recently rose to £100. I didn’t ask for this it just happened. I don’t know if I can impose a limit myself? Maybe, maybe not? But imagine I’m a parent, in debt, trying to manage family expenditure with a credit squeeze imminent….or a gambler? The Bugger All Cash Society (BACS) just became ‘Touchless’ or should that be ‘Thoughtless’?

  2. The fact that I had to open this blog in the dissenter browser with the duck go go search engine and have found it impossible to do so on Chrome with the Google search engine shows how far into the dystopian forest we have progressed since the purges of 2017 post the Trump Presidential upset and Brexit in 2016.
    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. It could , WTF.

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