Witch trials, Care homes, Misogyny, Feminism, Capitalism, Fertility, & Modern Social Control

Silvia Federici is a Marxist feminist sociologist.

Her ideas are worth listening to whether you buy into them all or not.

Demographics, power structures, disease, wages, production, & capitalism all feature in these videos which are based on a book she wrote several years ago called Caliban and the Witch.

In the video below my friend Bev Skeggs introduces and links Silvia’s work from the 1970s on Wages and Housework with her more recent work on Witch Trials, Covid 19, and social reproduction.

I’m increasingly interested in the links between witch trials, ‘alzheimers’, ‘cognitive impairment’, land appropriation, mccarthyism, social media & real life deplatforming, and the evolution of political psychiatry.

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