So who’s the mystery Russian?

The Sun are getting all excited about a dawn raid by the UK state on an unnamed Russian oligarch.

But as they don’t reveal the name of the oligarch, how are those of us who don’t simply believe everything we’re told supposed to believe this is true?

The UK papers have a long history of misleading the public to suit their owners’ interests – why would this ‘incident’ be any different?

The drumbeat for war remains strong – enlisting fame hungry celebs, and pretending the police are active on this matter is all part of the pantomime.

Taken From the Sun on Sunday – December 4th 2022

As long as the papers mark their own homework, and we know there has been huge historic corruption when the Sun interact with the police, we can expect to be taken for a ride.

Bill Browder – a hero to some – has tweeted about it too. Would anyone but a complete psychopath be somewhat more alive to their own sarcasm?

Bill Browder did a stint in charge of Robert Maxwell’s money in Eastern Europe when the wall went down.

And look how that turned out for everybody.

It seems pretty obvious to me that what Bill Browder did for Bob Maxwell is not that different to what Jeffrey Epstein did for his own clients like Les Wexner – hiding money from governments and investing it for high returns.

John Sweeney, who was forced out of the BBC, says as much in this video.

Sweeney himself is hardly an unbiased operator – par for the course in the UK.

He’s one of those warmonger ex-BBC types. Obviously working directly with the UK Government but also having to do a lot of his own publicity. Doors open quite easily for John. So he’s alive and kicking in the “independent media” ecosystem. He has spent time on Russia Ukraine matters including looking at Boris Johnson and Evgeny Lebedev, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and Jeffrey Epstein, Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell. He inserts the official narrative at every opportunity and along with his other “independent media” buddies would decry anyone who disagrees with him as a conspiracy theorist.

I understand there is a video that went round of him trying to entrap the EDL founder Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson – from my perspective they really are both on a very similar side. They get mainstream media attention and stand for the same things.

Both are perfectly ok with the UK getting involved in overseas wars and are therefore prominent UK intelligence and public opinion forming assets.

Some of us remember as far back as 2017 when Xi Jinping was praised by the World Economic Forum for defending the rules based order.

Now the people doing the looting in charge of the US and the UK have decided that Russia, China and Iran aren’t allowed to do business with the rest of the world because they’re a threat / challenge. But Saudi Arabia and Israel are just fine.

So the preachers of globalisation have decided to impose sanctions on their enemies – the very enemies who they used to do business with.

But none of this is new – Ronald Reagan sold weapons to Iran as a deal for the exchange of American hostages even as he imposed sanctions against Iran and said he would not negotiate with terrorists. This all came out while he was president and someone else, Oliver North, was declared a hero for taking all the blame.

Around the same time, it was later discovered by investigative journalist Gary Webb, that the CIA had also been selling crack cocaine in Los Angeles.

Last month this story came out about UK police historically using entrapment to prosecute young black men for drug dealing in North London.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon / Tommy Robinson has been working with a former IRA MI6 plant who was involved in killing innocent people for the IRA with UK Government clearance and dealing with paedos according to this article – read to the end.

And of course a man who knows a lot about protecting paedos, Israel, and the Northern Ireland conflict is Sir Keir Starmer (read the Starmer Project)

Here is his latest attack against his former boss:

I started typing this blogpost out yesterday and decided to go back to it this morning.

It’s good to be blogging again.

More blogs, audio, video, & analysis on their way..

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