5G near you, GcMAF cancer drug scandal, Macron President of EU

I was told, at the beginning of last year, that 5G can’t be rolled out using high rise towers. It has to be near the ground.

5G happened also to be the first issue mentioned in the US hearing on human rights and journalism that I posted up yesterday.

American lawmakers are concerned that China are using global 5G expansion for surveillance purposes.

Google just blocked Huawei phones from accessing Android.

And the Trade War between the US and China is still going strong.

This is Ian Crane this morning talking about 5G, and other issues.

I came across Ian Crane last year during the Gatwick Drone debacle.

Apparently a divisive character.

But I like the cut of his jib.

He’s also been talking about David Noakes & GcMAF — which apparently cures cancer.

David has just been let out of jail in relation to GcMAF.

Noakes says that in the USA many doctors have actually been killed for prescribing GcMAF.

Noakes and his ex-wife are being

Yellow Vests – This was also shown at Ian Crane’s event this weekend. This woman, a yellow jacket, was raped by French police.

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