5G vs Climate Change

Do we feel climate change or 5G is more of a thing?


& what steps can we take to mitigate?

In the attention war, in which meaningless as well as meaningful nuance, gets freely deployed, all options are always on the table.

The engineering of consent is still a thing. And to oppose certain social shifts is to be at one with the great issues of our time. They fight on many fronts. But meaning can live anywhere. Interpretation of transactions can be as multifaceted and repurpose-able as the transactions themselves. Corruption is a single or series of acts none of which being necessarily individually illegal but when viewed as a whole can be seen to conspire against the public interest.

And then we are into modern day interpretations of the public interest. It’s words like culture and trust where the battle is fought.

The pronouncement of that judge there or this leader writer here contributes significantly to public opinion.

The shifting of sentiment in one direction or another can be seen as the the public mood becoming more tolerant of one particular set of developments or another.

And so the economic motives of lawyers and journalists is shaped by the lords and press barons. With PR people and lobbyists helping with formalities.

You know your Ps & Qs but girl, you’re giving me the Blues.

– Captain Beefheart

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