Ain’t No Party like an Intel Party

Spies like Us

So it was an open secret that Paddy Ashdown was a spy.

Even his FT obit says so: Politician, Royal Marine, Spy.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 08.12.46.png

So when do we get told that Cameron & Blair were also groomed for high office.

That Leon Brittan, Jimmy Saville, Greville Janner, William Hague and Keith Vaz’s shenanigans ¬†were all open secrets but Lord Finkelstein preferred wielding kompromat for Rupert to telling the public or the law.

So who else is a Spy?

Could Corbyn’s loyalty be to Queen, country, and other countries besides?

Which would put him in the World Federalist camp – but no he’s no Eurofederalist.

A safe bet for the next General Election?

These hedge funds are looking for volatility.

So why would they not back JC?

The Sun Says

Millionaire populist Tony Parsons says the bookies are always the best judges of anything.

He says there’s a good chance next Tory leader will be female (halfway down on the right).


But maybe he should ask Ladbrokes.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 09.01.13.png

Yes, that’s right, on the 18th of December – last week – Corbyn was the Ladbrokes favourite.

So whilst Murdoch connives with Brooks & Finkelstein, the Brexit he so craves is about to be delivered – by Jeremy Corbyn.

Funny old game.

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