Assange Trial, Shadow Banking, Anti-Trust, EU Toxic Fudge

Julian Assange has to report to Court today – in person – though he may use a video link due to respiratory conditions.

Funny how this article uses the Depp / Musk spat to talk about Depp’s lawyers and then AI.

It’s written by a tech correspondent so the identity of Depp’s lawyers is not particularly relevant.

No mention, of course, of the fact that Amber Heard’s lawyer is Jen Robinson who represents Julian Assange.

Last week Vivienne Westwood was protesting outside the Old Bailey as a Canary in a Cage to highlight the Assange Trial.

This made BBC, ITV and even the Sun.

I can’t help but think Jen Robinson of Doughty Street Chambers had something to do with this spectacle. Robinson is a media lawyer, not a divorce lawyer.

The Amber Heard Trial is actually The Sun Vs Johnny Depp.

So Robinson is actually working together with Murdoch’s lawyers.

The whole Vivienne Westwood thing makes the Assange story newsworthy, in UK tabloid terms, in a way only the likes of Pamela Anderson can.

Westwood and her son Joe Corré funded Real Media, a venture I was once part of, and, though do I agree with them on this issue, it feels as though the issues themselves do not matter – it is all just pantomime.

Riding a wave of public sentiment.

Like they did with fracking. Like they did with Punk.

The new espionage act will outlaw quite a lot of public interest journalism.

It was funny to see the Guardian comment this weekend, when its columnist Owen Jones’ far-right attacker was given a custodial sentence, that no journalist should be subject to personal attacks.

If only they would adopt such a view for Julian Assange.

The fallout from the Russia Report has meant the Govt are planning more draconian measures to ruin the country.

They want to set up a spy register and, following a 2017 Law Commission report they want to introduce a new Official Secrets Act.

This will effectively ban public interest reporting on ‘national security’ matters, eliminate trial by jury and incriminate any journalist that relies on whistleblowing.

The Economist has done a good piece here on the Shadow Banking sector and regulatory arbitrage in banking.

There is a lot of talk of Monopolies and Anti-Trust right now.

The Big Tech firms will be scrutinised ‘on the hill’ in Washington DC on Wednesday. They also report their second quarter numbers this week.

Rana Foroohar did this in the FT, bringing in anti-trust in Big Tech but also banking and linking this all to the upcoming US election:

And the New York Times just did a great piece on the secretive Global Anti-Trust Institute :

Daisuke got a quote from a former EU anti-Trust regulator:

Apple won a tax case against Ireland last week (worth several billion dollars) but the EU can still appeal.

Some British Remainers are acting as though the coronavirus funding deal the EU struck last week is a sign that everything is going well in those parts.

This piece by ex-IMF man and current Chief Economic Adviser at Morgan Stanley Reza Moghadam seems entirely reasonable until the last line.

In which he leverages his entire argument to call for FISCAL UNION!

So I repeated Moghadam’s call . . .

At least this piece indicates below the radar disquiet in Ireland.

Have a brilliant week. What gambit will they come up with next?

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