Back on the Right Track

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
I believe that I’m back
I believe I’m on the right track

Back on the Right Track

Sly Stone disappeared for a good few years in the 70s & came back years later with Back on the Right Track.

What have I been up to?

It’s been an interesting summer. I was happy to have followed some of the Tory leadership race from Westminster. A political betting analyst friend, William Kedjanyi, got me to film him informing his followers of the latest odds in the knockout stage of the leadership race. I interacted with people I wouldn’t normally have anything to do with: Tories. But we were at Westminster, so let’s just say it was work.

I also recorded some films to help Liz Webster’s Brexit Bites channel get off the ground.

Liz and I have radically different views on certain matters – but we put them aside for long enough to record a few chats. Sadly we weren’t able to keep working together as she’s convinced I am ideologically too extreme to co-produce and co-present with. I wish her the best and will be watching her show which I am sure will do very well as she is very good at Remainer / Farming social media. One one fo the many things we agree on is the need for further scrutiny of CPTPP (see below).


I’ve been on TIkTok this week too. One of my videos was taken down last night for violating some code – but I don’t actually know what. I can’t tell if this is something to do with fair use. I even had to change the soundtrack that I had composed myself – but I think that is because you’re not supposed to play any music that lasts longer than a minute.

Back on the Right Foot – A Certain Symmetry

Speaking of recovery – I was born at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. The Back on the Right Foot statue, by Alan Sly, outside the entrance was put there in 1993. I’m always associating the Sly Back on the Right Foot statue with the Sly and the Family Stone comeback album Back on the Right Track.

Here’s another track from the same Album – Shine it On:

Feels a bit like their older tune STAND. Takes off on two and half minutes.

Kikanju Baku – Melanin Momentum

Occupy Parliament in 2014 – I’d completely forgotten about this but just saw it on Kanju’s site

Some of Kanju’s more recent work with legend Roscoe Mitchell (they’ve collaborated for years)

I’m tempted to keep blogging – but I think it’s time to start a new thread – in the big news UK has just announced new PM Liz Truss – and Chile has just rejected a Constitutional referendum…

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