BBC : Ballsy British Cover-Up

Gill BBC Savile

Dame Janet Smith’s much awaited Inquiry into the BBC’s systematic protection of VIP Paedophiles finally reported this week.

However its release and impact have been overshadowed by #Brexit.

Hats off to Peter Brookes for his sketch in today’s Times.

Savile BBC Gill 2

Eric Gill designed the famous Gill font as well as the Prospero & Ariel sculpture outside the BBC building in Central London.

His biographer later revealed that Gill was a sexual predator whose victims included his daughters, his sisters and his dog.

Chris Patten headed up the BBC Trust when the Savile revelations emerged but never got round to removing Gill’s sculpture.

As Chancellor of Oxford University Patten has defended free speech and the continued presence of a statue of Cecil Rhodes.

Would Patten therefore also defend Gill’s statue and any other piece of paedophile propaganda?

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