BBC to Broadcast Trump State Visit despite White House ban on BBC reporters

Donald Trump’s Administration has taken another step toward becoming a full dictatorship by banning the BBC and several other ‘dishonest media’ from the White House’s daily briefing.

The President’s favourites far-right Breitbart, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network, and even Turkish State Media were allowed to attend yesterday’s off-television briefing.

Which means Trump now respects Turkey’s press more than Britain’s.

Will the BBC really broadcast Trump shaking the Queen’s hand while its own reporters, unlike Turkey’s, are banned from participating in the White House’s Briefings?

Another national humiliation.

What about our Special Relationship?

By Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s own definition the United States is moving the US from democracy toward dictatorship:


As most of the Press have been critical of the White House’s use of alternative facts since day one, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner should be interesting this year:

Banned Outlets





The Daily Mail (including a list of who was and wasn’t invited):










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