Economic English

Blogging as a Service

Those with the most to say feel least constrained in the current climate.

But how much of what they say means anything at all?

I struggle to find anything of worth in the printed press.

Might everyone be so reeling from events that they have nothing meaningful to say?

Either you make news or you point at it.

I suppose some people point in order to bring about change.

In people’s hearts and minds.

To tap into something.

To draw conclusions and help others draw theirs.

But mainly its just about money, isn’t it?

No-one really enjoys it, do they?

They’re all just doing their jobs.

The thrill is gone.

It’s Machiavellian double dealings before they even step on the pitch.

In the press conference.

And before.

So if the whole staccato proceedings are to be forever constrained – removed – sanitised – then I’m afraid I will have to join in as best I can.

Which won’t be very much but I’ll try.

Regular output?

Permanently meaningful?

Various features?

Get playful.

The good thing about having no audience is that you can try anything and see how it works.

By works, I mean aesthetically – for there can never be a reaction.

All that is a myth.

Not for everyone.

But for me.

So there we are.

Another post from an irrelevant blogger on an irrelevant topic – except to himself.

For whom it has been enormously liberating at 0450.

Albeit unedited and generally unstructured.

Well thanks for subjecting yourself to my poetics.

Our poetics.

The medium is the metadata.

“But by then I had your money!” said the scribe to the man whose attention had been procured by the scroll.

Digitally reverential, following Spiritual protocol.




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