Body Snatch Brexit

It’s only a year since I said I was dreaming of a Brown Brexit.

As if by magic, UK policy in the organ donation space has opened up.

How did they do it? By getting rid of free will.

Opened for Business

So the NHS can now automatically claim your organs as soon as you pass away.

And start trading them to the highest bidder on global organ markets.

London could claim top spot in the human body part trade.

Opportunity abounds.

Here’s the UK advert telling the public that their government happens to have stolen their organs.

People used to talk about Zombie Banks and Vampire Capitalists, but we haven’t even started yet.

Just 4 you London

All this talk of organ markets reminds me of that Bodysnatch track:

Can we have your liver then?

The Body Snatcher

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a short story about Body Snatching in Edinburgh in the late 19th Century.

It was adapted into a movie in 1945

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Nightfall Canadian Radio

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