Comment is Banned

Comment is Banned

They used to say on the Guardian website that comment is free.

But now it’s more a case of Comment is banned


In the Guardian opinion section, of the 20 main articles, only 3 have a comment section.

This Martin Kettle Brexit piece is from the day before yesterday and yet it is the most high-profile article in the comment section.  Why does it not allow comments?

Tom Kibasi’s article was written 2 hours before the Martin Kettle article and has received more than 1000 more shares. However it has been given a lower profile than the Kettle piece.

Of course it’s been allowed no comments. Does the Guardian not trust the public on Brexit?

Three out of twenty articles have comments enabled.  Two on Covid and one on the way a city treats its invisibles.

The Brexit deal is simply not up for discussion.

Last night an article was published saying there will be resignations from the Shadow Cabinet – but it was not given due prominence and no opportunity to comment:

For me this is in line with the idea that the government is working with the Guardian to reduce any public involvement in the discussion of Brexit.

Matt Kennard identified the Guardian Government rapprochement following the Snowden Affair

Of course nothing from the Guardian on Julian Assange:

Meanwhile here’s a little something from the FT on the “Deal”

And here Vote Leave architect Matthew Elliott marks his own homework:

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