Coronavirus in Prisons, Assange, Solitary Confinement

The excerpt below is taken from the Guardian:

We are being told that 501 out of 33,000 prison staff have been infected and only 401 out of 81,000 prisoners.

But prison staff have access to testing whereas prisoners generally don’t.

So how many tests have been carried out on prisoners?

The UK used to publish international comparison charts for the national figures but now refuse to because they say the comparisons are not meaningful.

But they don’t mind comparing prison staff infection rates with prisoners – despite one group being tested and the other not.

If the Ministry of Justice is not publishing this data, they may not even be collecting it.

We are deep in the world of agnotology, opinion forming, Public Relations and government propaganda.

The contact I have had with the MoJ simply via Freedom of Information requests shows them to be wholly dishonest and utterly slippery.

The words in the pdf below were written in response to a freedom of information request concerning the mistreatment of Julian Assange in prison.

Assange FOI

They told me that Julian Assange has not been held in solitary confinement because nobody in Britain is held in solitary confinement.

I pointed them to articles and news videos in the mainstream press stating otherwise, but they stuck to their guns.


The idea that all prisoners are treated equally is laughable when we know that they are not.

That no information will be revealed about the mistreatment of Julian Assange because the people mistreating him want to protect his data and consequently his human rights.

These people are sick. Truly evil.


The language in the excerpt at the top is sanitised.

The Guardian is basically providing a platform for Ministry of Justice propaganda, but not providing any analysis or critique.

The truth is being told, but there is also massive distortion.


Because the real story is not being told.

The government have all the access to the information and they are getting it out on their own terms.

They know the Guardian are dependent on them for future stories and that they can therefore be trusted not to rock the boat.

The corruption in this country is off the charts and platforms such as the Guardian saying so little / nothing about this makes them generally complicit.

I know of some good people who work there and put out brilliant work.

Felicity Lawrence and Diane Taylor in particular.

Paul Lewis has also been doing some great work on the coronavirus contracts for surveillance and the SAGE committee.

But we don’t really have a critical press in this country. They have been bought off by private interests and are more interested in using blackmail and kompromat to pursue private agendas than in holding power to account.

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