Do the Sheikh & Vaxx to Put the Freshness Back


Piers Corbyn warned me off the far left yesterday.

Burn Brussels Burn

I was hanging out with Sean of London by way of County Mayo (on the right) at the time.

Sean’s been livestreaming for four months.

I met him recording folk at Speakers Corner.

Of course I referred him to my life-changing YouTube channel.

For some reason he employed terminology such as woke, antifa and BLM in reference to groups to which he hoped I don’t belong.

As I was sporting my new gamer headset and beautiful brown skin, I was looking even more spiffingly boss, woke, dapper, and antifa than the norm.

Upon telling Sean such terminology made him sound retarded, he wasn’t bothered one omicron.

I then boldly announced that the Irish government’s sole political philosophy is to take whatever medicine is prescribed to remain on the EU pimps and hos invite list.

Sean confirmed that in Brussels the “paddies” are expected to do as they’re told.

He also told me about a sacred hill / shrine outside Dublin that has been there for at least a thousand years.

The government decided to build a motorway on it a few years back but had to change plans due to protests.

Apparently a call will have come in telling them to expect bombs.

Not for me to approve threats of violence.

Especially when they’re from front groups for the English state.

Piers to Peers

Suddenly Piers Corbyn showed up.

Made an entrance like an situationist.

Being the consumate opportunist I am Sean was informed of my intention to film Piers.

Make up your mind for yourself what Piers was saying.

When it comes to politics, as with boxing, I’m with Chris Eubank.

It is a dirty sport, and I’m the world champion.

Piers is more well known now than at any moment in his public life, and once again he is winning the political argument.

The left right political terminology is a throwback to the horseshoe shaped architecture of the French Senate.

Where the extreme right can be found right next to the extreme left.

So there.

No Sheikhs were hurt in the making of this blog post.

If only the same could be said for the damaged vaxxed.

This event is happening this Thursday

Dr Bob Gill is a national hero and his videos about the NHS have done more to communicate the politics and economics of this country than the rest of the media combined.

Bob smashes it in this interview just before Covid. We are due for a re-evaluation of where we were and where we ought to be.

Show support.

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