Drilling is Green insists Alaskan Senator

Trump 2020

Showy events like yesterday’s White House tax cut speeches make Trump’s re-election look assured.

But wheeling out African American politicians like Tim Scott to talk about how the tax cut is for ‘distressed communities’ and single mothers while Ben Carson is asked to pray for tax cuts in Cabinet Meetings could seriously backfire.

How long will America fall for Pity the Billionaire politics?

Breitbart’s Billionaire Bannon recently spoke to an AstroTurf White-Funded Black Business Group even while campaigning for Roy Moore.

UK Alt-Right

The Alt-Right has quite a following here in the UK:

Including the Political Sketch Writer of the Daily Mail, Quentin Letts:

Energy Dominance

Senator Dan Johnson claims high US safety standards mean drilling is good for the environment.

That’s some prizewinning flexibility in the face of facts.

But Ohio Senator Orrin Hatch takes things to a whole new level at 04:03.

Yes, the world needs America — but with friends like these, God help us.


The Breitbart View

James Delingpole

An elder statesman in the world of UK Alt-Right politics — check out his Breitbart podcast— it’s designed for the corruptibly anti-corrupt.

I’ve listened to it a few times. The honesty is comforting. Can’t say we always agree. But it’s unfair on its own terms.

The contradictions don’t hide – they’re part of the fun.

I read somewhere that Delingpole smoked weed with David Cameron at Oxford. He must hate him now. Far too liberal for Delingpole.

More on Cameron (and HSBC) soon.

As for Delingpole – if he dies in battle, they should still let him into heaven.


Having moved around in some ‘progressive’ circles over the years, I’ve exposed myself to more than my fair share of groupthink, infiltration, astro-turfing and controlled opposition.

Greatest Threat to Freedom

Better not to kill each other when we can all attack the planet instead

Technology and automation are fine if you’re invested. Anyone can pick up a bit of bitcoin!

Why end slavery when it is so profitable for some?

I feel there are arguments that would be made along these lines that parallel Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax repeal argument. They will mainly be found in the Wall Street Journal.

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