ECB Traditional Nazis label all their critics . . . Neo-Nazis

The fascists in charge of the European Central Bank (ECB) are accusing their critics of being fascists.

The same tactics were used during the Brexit debate, when all Brexiteers were labelled racist.

In the UK more recently all Corbyn supporters were also labelled racists.

So there is a pattern emerging.

But now the target is anyone who criticises the European Central Bank.

The ECB have printed trillions of euros to bailout banks and large companies while allowing austerity to continue to destroy most of Europe.

This goes against its own mandate and The Bank has had to make regular changes to the rules it follows to make sure that whatever it does is legal.

But it never really consults anyone about this. The people of Europe, whom this is all done in the name of, are never asked to approve any of these measures.

So the ECB is an undemocratic institution which will call its critics fascists before asking EU citizens if they approve of its policies.

To pretend the ECB is perfect and beyond reproach is dangerous.

Yet that is what the business press is doing.

Do they think nobody will notice?

That this lack of scrutiny will not create further division and resentment?

So the question we are being asked is effectively, do you want to be ruled by traditional Nazis (ECB) or Neo-Nazis (AfD)?

And the ECB answer is, that their own traditional fascism is the only game in town because – it just is.

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