Fallon ignores Brexit to Block EU Army — meanwhile UK Defenceless

Fallon Bypasses Brexit to Block EU Army

Sir Michael Fallon has been unmasked as one of the UK’s biggest security threats.

The FT has dug up a document addressed to the Defence Minister by General Sir Richard Barrons, the recently-retired head of the country’s Joint Forces Command, in which Fallon was told “There is no military plan to defend the UK in a conventional conflict.”

But instead of directly responding to this weekend’s revelations, Fallon has taken the rather bizarre step of claiming the UK will block an EU army for as long as it remains a member.

Surely Fallon knows that to veto the development of an EU army the UK would have to override the recent BREXIT vote and remain in the EU.

As we can no longer defend ourselves in conventional war, the UK may even benefit from the increased presence of an EU army.


It’s hard to imagine why Fallon would not be ok with an EU Army that fights ISIS and patrols EU borders.

He says that NATO already looks after this.

It is known that Fallon has had substantial dealings with the private sector over the years.

Questions now have to be asked about Fallon’s judgement, his loyalty to the country, and his personal business interests.

Is he simply feathering his own nest or, like with Zac Goldsmith in the 2016 London mayoral election, could it be that he has gone completely insane?

In this radio interview after the London Mayoral election, Fallon refuses to backtrack on his comments that London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a security threat who ought not to be trusted with Londoners’s safety:


Until he addresses these fears, widespread concern that Sir Michael Fallon may have become the single biggest security threat to the UK looks increasingly justified.



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