Fill Your Boots

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab defended the former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox on the radio today.

Cox has been earning top dollar working for the Cayman Islands. Advising on them on legal matters that only people like him know about.

Apparently he is providing them with advice against the British State:

Why does someone like that want to be an MP when he can already command such fat fees?

This is how the online Times massaged things this morning:

Geoffrey Cox was the country’s top lawyer for a while – the Attorney General.

He’s obviously a smart cookie – more so than the current one – Suella Braverman.

Few seem to remember that Cox tried to keep his legal advice to the Prime Minister over the Brexit withdrawal agreement completely secret.

Parliament took a different view. There was eventually a vote and a rebellion. He lost the argument. From what I remember it appeared as though he and May had been lying to the country as well as Parliament in order to get their way.

Jeremy Corbyn did very well as opposition leader during this time, though of course not everyone will agree with that. I, for one, wouldn’t have wanted Keir Starmer and Tom Watson either side of me on the Front Bench.

Here’s Brooksy of Private Eye, focusing on the money.

Speaking of Private Eye – They’re 60 years old:

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