Foreign-owned Daily Mail labels Jewish businessmen ‘corporate vultures’ while foreign-owned Telegraph & Sun decry ‘hostile’ ‘anti-Semite’ Corbyn

Hostile Environment

Today’s Daily Telegraph doesn’t mention the hostile takeover of British engineering firm GKN by American capitalists, some of whom are Eliott Advisors, whose bosses happen to be Jewish. Instead it attempts to head off a potential U.K. takeover by the ‘hostile’ Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.The Mail leads with Blue Passports and the hostile takeover.

That’s not to say the foreign tax avoiding billionaire-owned Daily Telegraph doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

When its political correspondent Harry Yorke quotes the Jewish Leadership Council, he is just doing his job.

The joint statement with The Board of Deputies accuses Corbyn of ‘”siding with anti-semites again and again” and that at worst this “suggests a conspiratorial world-view in which mainstream Jewish communities are believed to be a hostile entity, a class enemy.”

Perhaps The Telegraph’s readership’s views on free market capitalism are incompatible with the Daily Mail’s protectionism.

Maybe some people believe Corbyn wishes harm to all unemployed and disabled Jewish people in this country and doesn’t wish for them to vote for him either.

The Daily Mail, Times and the Daily Telegraph are responsible for moderating their comment pages and show a high degree of tolerance for anti-immigrant sentiment.

Would this suggest that they themselves hate all foreigners or just some in particular?

Is it fair to blame their editors and owners for every comment on their pages?

Logically speaking that would be entirely consistent with the facts.

The picture Corbyn, in my opinion, has rightly apologized for defending mischaracterises financial capitalism as some sort of an entirely Jewish construct, which it simply isn’t.

Here is the Daily Mail Labour anti-semitism piece on page 4:

And here is their “predator, vulture capitalism, & financial terrorist” piece on pages 6 and 7.

How is this not also playing classic tropes about Jews in business?

Here is the Mail’s editorial.


Personally, I love this.

It’s unfair and everyone sees through it.

Obviously racism is a problem and we need to up our game if we think we can simply rely on the papers to sort this.

These ‘news’ days bring that day closer.

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