FT Brussels brought to you by… BP

I must have seen it millions of times, but never really thought about it.

But how long have BP been sponsoring the FT Brussels Briefing?

And what does that mean for FT journos reporting on EU lobbying?

Let’s say a reporter moves over from the FT to BBC, Sky, Channel for or ITV.

Will she bring the same unwillingness to run anti-BP stories that would have served her well at the FT?

Extinction Rebellion were outside the BBC this weekend reporting on the BBC’s deathly silence around climate change.

The BBC has given far more attention to the Ineos-sponsored unregulated breaking of the 2 hour marathon barrier than it has to the murder by Syrian and Turkish troops of a Kurdish political leader.

The same attention hackers that take the money from BP and propagandise for Ineos are the ones who want to deny equality to women in the Middle East and remain silent when the Turkish President orders the murder of the same Kurdish fighters that had defeated ISIS.

Where is Hillary Benn now, who as Shadow Foreign Secretary rebelled against his own leader, Jeremy Corbyn in order to passionately argue that Britain bomb Syria particularly to take out ISIS?

He has moved on to Brexit and has no time for the Kurds.

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