How the City went Woke ?

Woke This Way

The Times of London tends to issue anti-woke UK Government propaganda from behind a paywall.

A paywall that is thankfully not impossible to bypass.

In today’s business section is the following offering:

It is interesting to see the word ‘woke’ used when referring to the City. As if to imply that the City actually has gone woke.

It hasn’t.

The word woke tends to be used by middle aged white racists who reject political correctness.

But by no means are all the self identifying haters of woke-ness racists.

And in no way is religious devotion to political correctness is a good thing.

But the meaning of the word is morphing.

And it has become a stick with which to beat lefties and promote conservatism.

Which is funny because it is older lefties who now vote right wing.

Is that because they are wealthier now?

Are they now scared of the younger demographic – the one that voted for Jeremy Corbyn?

It is easy to call people out on their white privilege.

A (brown) friend recently had it happen to him online by a (white) girl who he knew but clearly hadn’t considered the optics.

But why blame so-called wokeness for this?

If people who are otherwise intelligent suddenly start saying that they feel they can’t speak their minds then we have a problem. But maybe we have more than one problem.

If you say something then people may say things back. If you say something stupid then it is likely. But there is nothing wrong in saying something stupid. If we were all 100% logical beings and completely right about everything all the time then there really would be no need for an internet.

And then there is the instance where you think you are saying something intelligent and people don’t like it.

If you’re lucky you’re ignored, if not then there will be an orchestrated pile-on.

Telling you that you should get in the bin.

Fair enough. This is the shape of discourse today.

I have been told that the internet is actually set up for conflict.

Maybe our minds are too.

Aristotelian, boolean, binary, all or nothing thinking.

A lack of imagination leading to conflict conflict conflict.

But what about ‘maybe’?

Once you live in maybe land then you take longer to get things done, but you don’t always need to kill everyone.

They might be your friends.

The Times article about wokeness doesn’t refer to skin colour once.

The term woke is used to signify “virtue signalling”.

The article itself is a form of reverse engineering.

Someone in the newsroom has said that the City may be going soft, that it’s going woke. And reality has to be bent to fit the headline / ideology.

All very Soviet Union.

This is the same woke City that benefited from the slave trade and to this day has never apologised or shown any moral compass.

Yes they do charity, but does that justify fraud?

The event that sparked the ‘woke’ piece is City investors choosing not to invest in Deliveroo.

Deliveroo Riders are paid very little, often below the minimum wage, and are often not born in England.

Country of origin was not mentioned as a factor in the Woke article.

The investors are shunning Deliveroo because they fear potential law suits for underpaying workers.

That is not to say they are on the side of the riders.

They just don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law.

Particularly if they have to pay compensation.

So all this talk of wokeness in the City is misplaced.

The other shareholder rebellions demanding more environmentally friendly behaviour aren’t woke either.

They’re just being green.

Opportunistic Nazi Green.

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