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Red Red Lines

UK PM Boris Johnson has proposed an EU border in the Irish sea. However, this was a red line under the previous administration, and goes against the stated principles of treating Northern Ireland just like the rest of the UK, so it is obvious this cannot be accepted by hardline Brexiteers.

DC Hong Kong Beijing

Bloomberg report that the Chinese Finance Ministry have reacted to the US Congress motions in support of Hong Kong protestors.

Meanwhile Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is expected to deliver her proposals tonight.

The facemask ban that was recently passed in Hong Kong is a curious mix of colonial laws being used to help identify protestors using facial recognition – a technology that is used by facebook, amazon and ali baba.

Hong Kong changeover from Britain included “backstops too”. <


Zuck met right wing influence groups so now people want to delete facebook:

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  1. Roger says:

    Hi Ranjan,
    Looking good here.
    Is there any truth that there are reports of Boris Johnson having an Out of Ego Experience.
    Unlike brushes with Death, which are required for the more widely known, near-death Experience, the less well Known Out of Ego Experience involves brushes with The Truth and things as they really are rather than one supposed them to be.
    Other questions regarding the projected reality in which we all populate the world stage relate to Method acting, in these situations one is told that De-Niro, Sean Penn, here’s a list on IMBD
    We used to play a Game, some chums and I, which breed of dog is best suited to each Rugby position? I propose a similar Game for Which Method Politician corresponds to which Method Actor, which Role made famous by that Method Actor corresponds most faithfully to the Method Politicians’ current acts and office or role in the Media Narrative/Script.
    And finally a Room 101 point, I did a series of Posts labeled Memory Hole with old broken links, disappeared Youtube videos and accounts. On Which point Chris Hedges seems to have disappeared from my own news feeds, as has the Zeitgeist movement.
    The Zeitgeist movies were instrumental in pointing me at a few of the Rocks under which to take a closer look, there are other things Such as the Yes Men save the World, but also Things Like the Peoples Voice.
    Welcome to the Truman Show.
    Ranjan, I wonder if perhaps we could do a Skype chat on your Bog above and these comments I have just made whether we are breaking new ground, just harrowing over well-tilled earth or Turning over some rough ground in remediation one really does not know but lets channel Corbyn’s Allotment which it seems has been occupied?

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