Is Lord Lebedev toast?

On the day of Brexit Lord Lebedev and Rupert Murdoch celebrated the result with Nigel Farage.

Of course Lebedev was not a Lord at the time but he and Rupert Murdoch gave Boris Johnson their full support and sure enough when elected Boris put Lebedev in the Lords.

But now things have changed. Murdoch’s Sunday Times is turning the screw on Lebedev and one has to wonder whether sudden sanctions could lead to a change of ownership at the Standard.

The Lebedev piece is co-written by former Evening Standard reporter and Sunday Times Media Editor Rosamund Unwin.

Few people appear to be using the word Magnitsky. This was the name of former American disaster capitalist Bill Browder’s accountant who died in Russia supposedly while reporting money laundering. Magnitsky laws are supposed to help governments recover money that has been laundered.

This is particularly relevant today as UK lawyers and Government are so keen on getting their hands on Russian dirty cash.

The current Russia Ukraine conflict appears to be happening purely to create opportunities for UK authorities to sell weapons and confiscate cash.

A DM exchange re: Lebedev and Murdoch with a friend on twitter.

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