Joy of Tax: Murphy, Pound, McDonnell


Now that Professor Richard Murphy of the Tax Justice Network is winning the argument on tax maybe some of Ezra Pound’s critics will have a rethink.


Professor Murphy has just posted a message on his site in which he says: A government running out of money is as likely as us running out of miles

Whilst this may be taken as a Keynesian stance on government spending and wealth distribution — it is also not a million miles away (haha) from the words of Italian Marshall Pietro Badoglio,


as often cited by Ezra Pound,


who once said:

“A government that said, ‘we can’t build roads because we don’t have any money’ would be as ridiculous as a government that said ‘we can’t build roads because we don’t have any kilometres.'”.

CH Douglas

Is the stage now set for Chancellor John McDonnell to base his 2020 budget on the ideas of  C H Douglas‘s Social Credit economic reform movement?




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