Paedo defender Sir Keir & hitman Henry collaborate to propagate

Despite years of savage Conservative cuts to state funded education, UK Government spending remains somewhere in the region of £100 bn per year.

In other words an investment in producing a people prepared to swallow any number of polished turds.

In today’s Times client journalist Henry Zeffman is great as the frenemy hitman while stubborn Sir Keir Starmer finds himself once again cast in the role of the subhuman sociopathic Turd.

Is this a nod to the Commedia dell arte?

Wherever there is suffering, the multimillionaire virtue signalling attention seeking ambulance chasing human rights paedo lawyer – he is there.

In the following case from 20 years ago Keir Starmer actively promotes the interests of a man who was convicted of possessing and distributing pornographic pictures of children and only got a three year community rehabilitation order with a condition of treatment.

Starmer on the paedo payroll

It is a matter of fact that Starmer tried to block the BBC from showing his paedophile client’s face in its documentary series The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles.

Her Majesty’s Controlled Opposition Leader has used today’s interview as an opportunity to put out the sloppiest of messages about EU, UK, far left positions on the Ukrainian war, refugees, & pretty much complete silence on the role of Russian oligarchs in the City of London, the Conservative Party, Chelsea football club and the London property market.

Instead the piece says:

Starmer, 59, who lives with his wife, Victoria, and two children in Kentish Town, north London, is willing to take in a refugee himself, saying: “If necessary [I would], as many people would . . . I think we’re a very welcoming nation.”

It’s not very convincing, is it? The London Borough of Camden, in which Starmer is located, has legally taken in more Afghani refugees than most local authorities and many are stuck in hotels.

There are also veterans who sleep rough every night and yet none of these people merit a mention.

Is Sir Keir now silent on EU, Murdoch, & Johnson’s hypocrisy because he is still being advised by that notorious beyond the pale adviser and friend of sanctioned oligarchs, war mongers, & paedophiles Peter Mandelson?

Starmer feebly called for an inquiry into Mandelson’s friend Lord Lebedev’s peerage but said nothing about him owning the Evening Standard, corruptly employing George Osborne, or being the son of a KGB London bureau disaster capitalist billionaire.

In another stitch up Starmer even granted the Standard an exclusive May 2020 interview as leader when George Osborne was still it’s editor.

Sir Keir sabotaged Jeremy Corbyn by backing a second referendum, allowing remain voters to feel deceived, and then dropping the policy as soon as he became leader.

All in this together!

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