May praises Trump shortly before he bans Muslims from entering America, then visits Turkey who are paid to stop refugees from entering Europe

Special Relationship with Trump

At yesterday’s press conference May talked about NATO and ISIS but chose not to mention the bonfire of rights and regulations and the deeper privatisation of NHS services and imminent entry of GM food, pesticides, cloned meat and growth hormones in UK supermarkets if Britain increases trade with America.

The Prime Minister talked about family ties and kinship when referring to the Special Relationship with the US but conveniently forgot, despite posing in front of the Churchill bust, that Churchill was passionately pro EU and that the English language that Britain apparently shares with the USA is derived from French, German and Scandinavian countries that happen to also be in the EU.

Allowing deeper co-operation with the US is a great idea on many levels but at what price? Allowing free movement of workers between the UK and the US could be even more catastrophic for public services than the unpreparedness with which UK allowed almost unlimited EU expansion and other commitments from 2004.

Turkey paid to ‘defend’ EU from Migrants

Erdogan is expected to protect Europe for political and humanitarian reasons by hosting and containing refugees from outside the EU.

At the same time Britain prioritises ending free movement of citizens to UK from within the EU.

Trump Bans Muslims & Theresa Bans Europeans

Just as Trump has banned citizens from poorer Muslim countries from seeking political asylum in the US, UK is now telling Trump how important it is to have a strong EU and NATO while telling EU citizens they’re no longer welcome.

Four legs good two legs bad

So May gets Trump to help her stop EU citizens working in the UK and begs Turkey to stop victims of Islamic extremism and various bombing campaigns from living and working in the EU.

Looks like we’re going back to the same Ronnie and Maggie hypocritical neo-liberal logic of supporting Israeli and South African Apartheid while telling Communist countries to tear down walls and open up in the name of freedom.

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