Soros Conspiracy Theory dominates Front Page of the Telegraph

The Telegraph is going big on the story that George Soros is against Brexit. Theresa May’s former Chief of Staff, Nick Timothy, gets a byline for this “news story”.

With Osborne running the Remain supporting Standard and Timothy operating out of the Brexit-backing Telegraph it is no wonder there has been an erosion of standards in public life.

Rupert Murdoch has displayed outsized influence over both New Labour and Cameron and now it is clear that the Barclay Brothers and Mr Lebedev are pushing their own conflicting agendas.

Politicians such as Timothy and Osborne have no loyalty to the truth and as such, have no place in the media except as conservative columnists or more appropriately as registered corporate lobbyists.

There is nothing in itself wrong with the content of the article. It’s the tone that is worrying. By attacking Soros for being a foreign financier, the Telegraph are going big on the Big Money, Big Media, Big Influence angle which just so happens to tick every anti-semitic trope going.

It is worrying that just a few rich influential people get to decide how and when to overturn Brexit and indeed the UK government but following in the steps of Donald Trump and Hungary’s Populist leader Victor Orban is not a good look.

Soros made a lot of money out of Britain’s inability to converge the pound with the German Deutsch Mark in 1992. This meant that Britain stayed in what became the European Union but never joined the Eurozone which would have meant adopting the Euro.

In a sense Britain has a lot to thank Mr Soros for as without this seismic event, Britain might have turned into Greece already.

However Soros did buy HMRC’s buildings off the government for very little money and, of course, has stashed all the money offshore.

It would probably be more accurate to say that Soros got the UK to pay him handsomely to take the buildings. In this sense I wouldn’t say that he is a particularly nice man. But this is the model of capitalism that the Telegraph has always championed so it irks to see them turn against it just because they feeling like serving up some Brexit-inspired retribution.

They say you should never argue with a man who buys his ink by the gallon.

In the case of today’s media wars, for all their influence, I think the Tory movers and shakers will end up having to capitulate to the desires of big capital. That means staying friends with people like Soros and the big companies. Unless a new system rises up anytime soon, I can’t see how UK can simply exclude itself from the international financial system.

Yes much of it is corrupt but Britain has excelled at making money out of that corruption. Being in the EU helps.

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