No Fighting in the War Room, Gentlemen!

Yes, Bilderberg met in DC ten days ago. And the World Economic Forum in Davos the week before. But it doesn’t stop there. The technocratic media friendly war machine rolls on.

Yes, Putin is an authoritarian who lets no-one speak freely in Russia – but does that let the international community off the hook for starting a war with him?

The image above was taken from this morning’s Le Monde.

A dead ringer for the 2011 Obama Osama ‘situation room’.

Proud Boys pt 1
Ukrainian Conversation Piece

Mario Draghi strikes a very George Herbert Walker Bush pose in this EU army conversation piece. Or perhaps he is going for a Kissinger-like all knowing Grey Eminence.

This is the man who destroyed the Euro with his Quantitative Easing Bazooka during his time in charge of the European Central Bank. Now he is financing and deploying real bazookas against Vladimir Putin.

Macron is positioning himself as either D’Artagnan, Asterix, or Tin Tin.

And as for Scholz, this guy is taking the heat for everyone else’s ambition. His gung ho green foreign minister Analena Baerbock has her eye on his job and is gaining in popularity with her pro-war ‘environmentalist’ stance. This is where the real power is in Germany.

Baerbock was in Pakistan last week and apparently had to cut her trip short because of COVID.

But what is the thinking behind this photo?

Bilderberg Summer Camp

Who do you think took it? A freelancer? A member of the EU PR team? How much were they paid? What is Macron supposed to be pointing at? Does Scholz have his own PR adviser? Do they not realise he looks like he is being pushed around? Or is that the whole point? By showing Germany as compliant the rest of the world can be at ease about Italy and France leading EU military strategy.

And where is Ursula?

Would she outshine the boys?

She used to run the German Military. That was her last role before taking over the European Commission. Why is she not in this photo?

Here she is at Davos – can any of what she says about supply chains be taken seriously?

Ursula has a very particular love of Israel and Palantir.

Here is Palantir CEO Alex Karp on Ukraine and Taiwan.

Palantir are signing up UK NHS Health contracts left right and centre.

There is almost no scrutiny of this in the UK press.

Meanwhile Macron has just chosen a female French PM to run his government. Elisabeth Borne.

She’s not the first ever French female PM. But maybe she’ll last longer than Edith Cresson, the previous.

Will Christine Lagarde, current head of the ECB, eventually run the European Commission like Ursula.

And will she be allowed to launch airstrikes on Russia and if she feels like it Syria or even Serbia or Greece?

After all Putin levelled Grozny back in 2000 – tyrants are generally happiest bombing their own people.

That didn’t stop the Queen welcoming Putin and inviting him to give a speech at the state banquet.

Adversity makes for strange bedfellows.

Who will be out next Public Enemy Number One?

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  1. rogerglewis says:

    The next Public enemy number one will be the same as the current one , The public. The elite fear of the mob, one of chomsky’s go too’s back in the day.

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