Annual London Oil Conference

This year’s International Petroleum Conference took place last week.

Russia Today were there:

As the oil industry’s annual conference takes place in London predicting the price of oil remains a difficult task. Crude prices hit a twelve year low they stabilized on Wednesday but the market is still very much volatile — prices strengthened after Iran said that it was ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia in the global oil markets.

Let’s use similar language but change the context:

1. As the movie industry’s annual awards show takes place in Hollywood tonight, predicting movie attendance remains a difficult task.

There are three ‘doing’ words in this sentence:

1. takes place in Hollywood

2. predicting movie attendance

3. remains a difficult task

As W takes place in X predicting Y remains a Z.

2. After share prices remained unchanged for a third month running, they did start to move on Thursday but the outlook remains very stable.

3. Prices fell after Iran made it clear it won’t co-operate with Saudi Arabia in the global oil markets.

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