Osborne to Chair British Museum where Nigel Boardman, BoJo’s pick to whitewash the Government Greensill inquiry, is already Deputy Chair

George Osborne has just been appointed Chair of the British Museum.

He was appointed by his ally Minouche Shafik.

Either Minouche, who is herself Director of the London School of Economics, has not heard of the Government inquiry into the Greensill scandal, or she’s au fait but simply doesn’t care.

Around 2018 former PM David Cameron became a lobbyist for recently liquidated shadow banking entity Greensill Capital.

Lex Greensill, the company’s founder, became a billionaire when SoftBank poured money into the company at the beginning of 2019.

However Cameron exploited his position of former PM by using his contacts to gain access to decision makers, funding and juicy government contracts.

All Cameron had to do was put his hand up and admit what he did was wrong.

Instead he’s decided to balls it out.

The public is rightly seething.

But what can we do?


Nigel Boardman is a top corporate lawyer, Government adviser, and City safe pair of hands who Boris Johnson picked to run the Boardman Review, which should report to the Prime Minister on the 30th June.

Boardman has already recently carried out two reviews of government Covid procurement.

Which was in itself a political appointment. While he made some recommendations, Boardman somehow cleared the government and Matt Hancock of rampant looting and corruption.

Boardman’s father was a Tory MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Lord, and Chairman of Nat West as well as holding office in the City of London.

Nigel Boardman

Boardman is still spookily deputy chair of the British Museum according to its website.

This is naughty given he is supposed to be carrying out a review of Greensill Capital’s deep penetration of Central Government.

Greensill did it via revolving door hiring and having staff who were working for both Greensill and the government at the same time.

Boardman would also have known Samantha Cameron through their work at Save the Children.

Cameron was very close to PR magnate Alan Parker who ran the influential Brunswick firm and was Chair of Save the Children.

Parker did ok out of the EdF China Hinkley deal and was friends with Gordon Brown whose brother also worked as a ‘marketer’ (lobbyist?) for EdF.

Parker appears to have something of the Michael Rimmer about him.

See video below: