Owen Paterson Wife’s Mysterious ‘suicide’

Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s wife is being referred to as having taken her own life.

Today’s Daily Mail article does not mention that she is the sister of Tory hereditary peer Matt Ridley or that she ran Aintree racecourse and was therefore head of the Grand National.

Owen Paterson himself is a Randox lobbyist. Randox make Covid tests for the government. Many of which have been proven to fail.

Randox Health started sponsoring the Cheltenham Racecourse, The Grand National, and partnered with the Jockey Club as of 2016.

Baroness Dido Harding of Winscombe was recently appointed, politically, by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, to oversee the NHS National Institute for Health and Protection (NIHP).

NIHP replaced Public Health England

Harding and Matt Hancock happen to share a love of racehorsing.

Harding, like Rose Paterson was, is on the board of the Jockey Club which is responsible for several major horse-racing events including theĀ Cheltenham Festival.

Here Sports Minister Oliver Dowden – justifies allowing the Cheltenham Festival to go ahead despite Covid:

Harding’s husband John Penrose is this country’s anti-corruption tsar, mainly working on local government fraud. Amazing given that his wife Dido Harding is still the Chair of NHS Improvement, overseeing NHS Foundation Trusts, patient safety as well as independent providers that provide NHS-funded care. :

This is a document John Penrose brought out in June:


Penrose’s predecessor was Eric Pickles. Pickles was local government minister before that. A job now taken up by Robert Jenrick. Pickles is also head of ACOBA, which means he is supposed to police the revolving door.

As we know Paterson is a prime beneficiary of the revolving door. But there are many others. Including, no doubt, Eric Pickles himself.

In June 2019 the current Chancellor, Housing Minister, & Sports Minister all backed Boris to lead the Tories.

This blogpost is merely descriptive. It does not seek to make fresh allegations or to accuse anyone of anything. If there is such a thing as corruption in this country, this article may be nodding in its direction, but certainly not pressing charges.

That is for the likes of John Penrose, Eric Pickles, the Police (overseen by Priti Patel), the Courts (overseen by Robert Buckland) and possibly even Parliament (with a Tory majority controlled by Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings)

Here’s the rest of that Mail article.

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