Placating Putes – Stand by your Man

There’s nothing on the lady’s placard.

Yet she prompts a political reaction.

Situationism on Steroids

But it is not that long ago that Vladimir Putin spoke in English at an official dinner in which he was hosted and toasted by the Queen.

And not long before that that he was allowed to defend himself in front of Tony Blair over the atrocities Russia committed in Grozny, Chechnya.

But whereas back then Blair referred to political discussions, now the room for conversation has been closed down.

Under the Obama administration in particular USA decided that it was no longer interested in communicating with Russia and instead embarked on a massive destabilisation programme whose ultimate goal was to get rid of Putin.

That so many people have to die in Ukraine as a result of America’s ambitions is unfortunate, but inevitable given the pickle which America made for itself.

Many lives in many countries have been offered up over the years to protect British and American shareholders and the Western way of life.

But is beyond the comprehension of many television pundits that such violence should have been allowed to take place between such white countries.

They have to find ways of expressing their shock and communicate that this is indeed white on white crime but that no blame can be laid at the door of the White House.

Even though Joe Biden, the Obama administration and their political opponent the late Jon McCain were all complicit in riling up Russia, nepotistically profiting from Ukrainian energy firms, and showing support to anti-Russian Ukrainian Nazis.

But now all that is conveniently forgotten.

Like the last bit of self respect the two policeman traded in on detaining the masked woman with the blank placard.

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