Punch & Judy Politics

Prominent centrist commentator Ayesha Hazarika has a new book out:

Punch and Judy Politics

Given Hazarika’s penchant for Corbyn-bashing, it’s funny to see Theresa May on the front cover, and not herself, armed with a stick with which to beat pacifist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Perhaps the book’s front cover is designed to imply that Corbyn’s sexist and somehow encouraging of sexist violence.

Wasn’t Punch sexist?

Hazarika famously rolls with the Blairite crew, calling out sexism, but happy to launch unsubstantiated attacks on the Labour Leader.

She also does Theresa May’s politics much more than Labour’s.

To demonstrate this fact, here are some loving tweets from her ‘friend’ Tom Newton Dunn, the political editor of the right-wing, Brexit supporting Sun.

Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are

Newton Dunn works with Harry Cole, formerly of hard-right Guido Fawkes.

Here Hazarika talks about banning all male party leaderships with David Cameron’s cousin, Harriet Harman.

As shown by the Labour Women’s lynch mob at the Marc Wadsworth show trial, truth and justice are no obstacles in the right’s rush to bin Corbyn.


This weekend Chuka Umunna claimed Labour is “institutionally racist”:

Here’s Jess Phillips as tweeted out by Guido Fawkes.

Phillips appears to get love from the Right because she is an anti-Corbyn fan of Jacob Rees Mogg who claims to be a feminist.

For more on how billionaires bought Brexit, check out my Real Media video interview with Byline’s Peter Jukes:

Corruption is abuse of power but also a single or a series of acts, none of which is necessarily illegal but, when viewed from a distance, can be seen to conspire against public trust.

Ayesha may, individually, be trusted. But when she and some of her friends start working together, that’s when the theatre takes over. Between them, the most corrupt activities escape scrutiny. And Punch and Judy is all we ever see.

Punch and Judy is released on BiteBack publishing, owned by Tory Billionaire Brexiteer — Michael Ashcroft.

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