Rolex Vs Universal Credit dilemma

In a way you have to admire the way the Guardian have asked its readers to submit testimony on how they will be affected by universal credit cuts.

You’re expected to message them on Facebook’s WhatsApp or fill out a form. Apparently one of their journalists will get back to you ‘before they publish’.

Why does this feel weird?

  1. Do Guardian journalists not usually talk to people on universal credit?
  2. Do they not trust people on universal credit to comment directly onto the Guardian website ?

I guess someone at the paper has argued for this. And that there has been pushback, for security reasons.

Why are they so nervous about getting testimony from people on the frontline of the war on the poor? All they have to do is open the comments and let people speak their truth.

Why aren’t they asking for more testimony from people from DWP?

Perhaps having an advert for Rolex on page two and three of Monday’s print edition has something to do with it.

The Guardian is clearly a broad church, which leaves little room for principle.

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