Sex with Kids: Blair, Starmer, Epstein, & the Doctrine of Unclean Hands

The UK constantly changes its relationship with Israel, Russia, China, & USA – nothing strange about that.

Nor indeed that there is moral grandstanding questioning the desirability of collaborating with Russian oligarchy.

There is a whole field in financial services by the name of ESG whose role is to allow investors and do-gooders to pursue ethical outcomes by holding corporations that they own to account.

But Environmental, Social, & Governance matters are all subject to interpretation.

Ultimately language and words are often used to steer dirty money from and to the dirtiest places while pretending all the while to be holier than thou.

The fact that sanctions are being pushed against Russian oligarchs as never before means newer healthy questions are being asked about what is and isn’t ok in the fields of money and reputation laundering.

If it’s OK to go after Abramovich even after a London court decided that Putin didn’t instruct him to buy Chelsea then who else can be convicted of guilt by association?

Labour Leader Starmer and his former colleagues at both Doughty Street Chambers and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will have both represented and failed to convict countless paedophiles. Should their professional complicity and associations not be explored and publicly reflected upon?

Don’t the victims matter? We are not talking about victimless crime.

With respect to Russia and legal action it’s important to recognise that where money is involved all that we are witnessing is gangland retribution.

Reading about which oligarch did what to whom in which jurisdiction allows you to see that what is being done to Roman Abramovich today is no different to what had happened to plenty of oligarchs in Russia.

Blair operated his influence peddling firms in secrecy as did his wife and Mandelson. You can see from the link above that Pugachev was Belton’s main source in Putin’s People.

She released the book on Murdoch’s Harper Collins so the recent libel case won by Abramovich against Belton about whether she was right to state that Putin instructed him to buy Chelsea Football Club was actually a legal case between Abramovich and Murdoch.

Carol Cadwalladr in her crowd funded case against Arron Banks has been using Blair’s lawyer and brother in law of Alastair Campbell Gavin Millar.

London law firms, management accounting, banks, and audit companies have made a mint out of Russian business in both Russia and the UK.

Calculations have been made about how much they have to lose by staying in Russia and they have on the whole decided to leave.

Tony Blair was an advisor to “the Quartet” after leaving number 10. This means he has built his own empire on advising Putin.

Peter Mandelson who currently advises Labour Leader Keir Starmer was an advisor to Oleg Deripaska as late as 2018. Mandelson visited his friend Jeffrey Epstein several times even after his paedophilia conviction.

If you roll back the clock to 2003/4 the Chelsea boss was Claudio Ranieri, the UK PM was Tony Blair, and the US President was George W Bush.

The sketch in the local paper The Evening Standard on the day Abramovich took over at Stamford Bridge was as follows.

There is an image of a suited lady hearing: “Wealthy Russian buys Chelsea” on the radio. She looks a lot like Hillary and asks out loud: “What’s Bill gone and done now?”

In an age of patronage, nepotism, global sex trafficking, & international corruption, the Clintons have not shied away from getting involved.

Bill and his Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin oversaw the transfer of Russian state owned assets to Boris Yeltsin’s daughter’s associates now known as the Russian Mafia aka Putin’s People.

Robert went on to Chair the Council on Foreign Relations, an entity which counted Bill Clinton’s buddy Jeffrey Epstein among its members.

The following video is of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s other good friends Peter Mandelson being introduced by Epstein’s friend former Barclays boss and JP Morgan banker Jes Staley.

Staley recently resigned from Barclays due to an FCA report into his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein that, for some reason has still not been released.

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