TEFL in London

Going round the room this morning I asked people where they were from.

Krys, from Poland, said he had lived in South America for 24 years. I asked him if he was an Engineer.

“No, I am a missionary.”

Christ, I thought.

“Does that make you a Catholic Priest?”

“Yes. I have been here in London for three weeks. I will work here now. Mainly with people from Latin America.”

I told him about a friend who got into Voodoo in Brazil – with some Christianity and Shamanism thrown in.

Krys says Voodoo is just one of a whole family of similar religions.

We discussed Ayuhuasca. I asked some of the women in the room if they would consider giving it all up and moving to the forest. There wasn’t too much interest.

Next to Krys was Ana Lucia. She’s from near Milan and is off to South Sudan to help with the famine. Krys told me that Ana Lucia used to live in Brazil too. They were very near each other.  She was an accountant for an NGO. A missionary in her own right. Funny that. Having two of them next to each other. Especially as I’d never met one before.  At least not in class. Actually there was that one from Taiwan the other day. She was off to help kids with HIV in Kenya.

Some good people out there!

Cycling back through West Hampstead I got stuck in Storm Doris. Nearly got knocked off the bike. Saw cute girl I used to go to school with. Still looking good.

Then more interesting chats with another student. Talking about arguments used in court cases to get your guilty client off.

Apparently the thing to do is to  drag the case out then tell the judge he made a minor procedural error. Aim to get a retrial and then rely on the state’s desperation to get a quick conviction — that should get the conviction cut.

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