The Apple of Anarchism, Anachronism, & Discord

A is for Apple, Anarchism, & Anachronism


I miss the Luddites. Not the ones up in Nottinghamshire that broke frames. I mean the ones from a few years ago who were scientists against technocracy.

Dave King ran the group. Very informative it was. They taught me about synthetic biology, fracking, biofuel, & cyborg technology.

I often see things in the news that I first heard about from the Luddites.

Some GM Agenda Setting in today’s Times: 

GM Food & the 2017 General Election

Helena Paul granted me this interview when I was at Real Media in 2017.

Soviet Psychiatry

I’m currently reading about how in the Soviet Union, psychiatry was used to deal with dissidents. 

Unparalleled parallels with Soviet communication and the current UK experience. 

The Amazon review made specific reference to the English Court of Protection and how it uses the same techniques. People disappear. As does their property. Very little paper trail. Not funny.

I feel the engineering of consent is pretty direct in UK now.

I just saw a clip from Eastenders which was pretty bullying in its advocation of mandatory vaccines for all. 

It features in the vid below. The writer / narrator has a good grip of the issues. Will be following this channel in the future. Nice to get a fuller picture of the European as well as UK angle.

I could go on, but I shall spare you.

But not to worry, I shall be back.

Cloaked, as ever, as the moaning minnie tone of moral rectitude.

In case you haven’t noticed, some themes be recurring.

Like the Apple. Turing was put on the £50 this week.

More on that to come.

He liked his Apples.

People talk about Trojan horses.

But the Trojan War started with the Apple of Discord.

Funny that.

This is taken from Roger Lewis’s latest blogpost

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